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Newest Recipes

  1. German Cream Roll Recipe ~ Oma's Biskuitrolle

    Oma's Cream Roll recipe, Biskuitrolle, is the German version of a Swiss roll or jelly roll. Filled with whipped cream and studded with berries, this is an easy-to-make treat anytime of the year.

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  2. Pan Roasted Carrot Recipe ~ Oma's Karotten

    Make this pan roasted carrot recipe when you're wanting quick and easy carrots just like this German Oma makes them. Similar to oven roasted, just quicker. YUM!

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  3. Oma's Cooking Green Beans - Grüne Bohnen

    Cooking green beans, German-style, makes a wonderful side dish for almost any meal. Cooking the grüne Bohnen till just tender with a creamy white sauce is so traditional and so lecker!

    Go to the recipe

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