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Below are German cooking recipes by other Gerhilds from around the world. They are authentic German recipes by some really special people!

Gerhild FulsonThat's me ... Oma Gerhild!

My name is Gerhild. It's German. It means "warrior maiden with a spear." And there aren't that many of us "warrior maidens" running around!

Since I grew up in Canada since a toddler, I didn't know it was an unusual name.

I just thought it was a regular German name. A bit difficult for English-speaking people to get to know, but most gave it a good attempt.

It was what I was called - no nick-name - just, "Gerhild".

Not until I was much older did I realize that even in Germany, it's not common. Not common at all. Traveling to Germany the past couple of years, I've realized how uncommon it really is.

In August, 2011, I had a request on my Facebook page to become a friend of another Gerhild. WHAT? More Gerhilds. Really?

I think there are very few people around who can tell what a strange feeling that was. To see my name on another person. It's a feeling that probably only a few people have. 'Tis strange, but to my astonishment, so far, already about 44 Gerhilds (Update: only 55 by October 2012) (Update: only 56 by January 2017!) have been entered into this new group, the Gerhild Group on Facebook. And most say the same thing. "I've never met another Gerhild," or "I've only met one other Gerhild in my entire life."

One of my new Gerhild friends sent me a recipe right away. One that fits so perfectly on this website about German cooking. That cinched it. I needed a page that has only recipes by Gerhild. Gerhilds from around the world, because who knows how many of us are out there, and I'm sure, are around the world. So, if you're a "Gerhild", this page is for you!

Recipes from Gerhilds around the world:


Easy Crumb Cake

Gerhild Naggert, USA


Mulled Wine Cookies

Gerhild Froeschke, Germany


Gerhild Froeschke, Germany

Lemon Cookies

Gerhild Rudolf, Romania

Vanilla Shortbread

Gerhild Froeschke


Ice Cream Recipe

Gerhild Verch, Germany

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Red Cabbage

Gerhild Naggert, USA

If you have a favorite recipe that you'd like to share, just under the list of recipes below, there's a place that says, Are you a "Gerhild". If it's one you've created, let me know. If you got it from someplace else, let me know that as well so I can give proper credit.

They may be authentic German recipes or not. Perhaps it common German food or not. Perhaps it's something foreign that you've made German by adding that special German twist to something. I've done that with many recipes.

So, Gerhilds, send in your recipes. The more the merrier! Let's show the rest of the world German cooking at its best! These may well be the BEST GERMAN RECIPES on the Web!

Are you a "Gerhild"?

Do you have a recipe? Share it with us!

If it's not original, please include the cookbook, website, etc., that you have it from so that we can give proper credit for it.

What Other Gerhild's Have Said

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Lemon Cookies ~ Zitronenkeks 
This delicious recipe was submitted as shown here by Gerhild Rudolf. Below, in the comments, you'll find the conversion for those of us in America. …

Vanillekipferln ohne warten! 
Zutaten : 280 gr. Margarine oder Butter 140 gr. Zucker 400 gr. Mehl 125 gr. Haselnüsse, gemahlen 1 Pack. Vanillezucker Puderzucker zum …

Zutaten : 250 gr. Margarine oder Butter 125 gr. Zucker 4 Eier 250 gr. Mehl 2 Tel. Backpulver 150 gr. Raspelschokolade 1/8 liter Glühwein …

Rotkohl auf schnelle Art 
Etwa 4 streifen Speck in Wuerfel schneiden, in der Pfanne braun anbraten, 1 mittelgrosse Zwiebel in Wuerfel schneiden, zu dem Speck hinzufuegen …

Selbstgemachtes Eis 
Schokoladeneis 75 g Bitterschokolade - schmelzen und mit 8 Eßl. Sahne glattrühren, abkühlen lassen, 2 Eigelb mit 75g Honig gut verrühren, …

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