Rotkohl auf schnelle Art

by Gerhild Naggert
(Chicago, USA)

Etwa 4 streifen Speck in Wuerfel schneiden, in der Pfanne braun anbraten,

1 mittelgrosse Zwiebel in Wuerfel schneiden, zu dem Speck hinzufuegen und goldgelb braten.

Fertigen Rotkohl aus dem Glas oder aus der Dose, etwa 2 Pfund dazu tuen,

zwei mittelgrosse Aepfel reiben (grobe Seite an der Kartoffelreibe),

1 Lorbeerblatt, Pfeffer, Salz, Zucker etwas Rotwein nach Geschmack.

Alles zusammen etwa 20 Minuten aufkochen lassen.

Da ich immer wieder gefragt werde wie ich meinen Rotkohl koche, here it is.

Laesst sich sehr gut einfrieren. In meinem Gefrierschrank sind immer 2 bis 3 Pakete fuer den Notfall, mit Hilfe der Mikrowelle habe ich eine schnelle Beilage zu einem grossen Essen.

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Oct 03, 2016
Make more and freeze
by: Anonymous

I always make double or triple the recipe and then freeze portions in zipper or vacuum pack bags ... No work for the next time I want to have some. And I make it with no onions, but also add cloves and some juniper berries, a little corn starch slurry at the end to just thicken it a bit so it is not so wet on the plate.

Jan 09, 2016
add in
by: Anonymous

I also add a about 3 whole cloves and 3 juniper berries to my rot kohl when I simmer it.

Apr 02, 2013
Red Cabbage Translation
by: Gerhild Fulson

I forgot to post where you can find this recipe translated: Easy Red Cabbage.

I must admit that when I first thought of German Red Cabbage, only freshly made was what crossed my mind. I never thought that Germans would resort to canned or jarred foods.

Was I ever mistaken. When I visited Germany for the first time in 50 years, having left when I was a little girl, I was so surprised at all the convenience foods available. Much more than here at home in Canada.

I think my memories of Mutti making ALMOST EVERYTHING from scratch made me think that that was the ONLY way Germans cooked :-)

Even now, I try to make red cabbage from scratch as well. Yes, the flavour is better, I think. BUT, when I'm in a hurry and really want some, I'll open up a jar. I always make sure I have several jars in the cupboard for those unexpected urges.


Sep 05, 2011
Red Cabbage
by: Gerhild Fulson

Oh, this Rotkohl sounds so easy and so good. Red cabbage is our family's most often asked for side dish and finds its way to all our holiday meals.

This recipe sounds so easy that it can be an every day side dish as well. I love the idea of making extra and freezing it. That way it's always ready for emergencies.

The above recipe will soon be translated and then our English-speaking friends can enjoy it as well. Stay tuned!

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