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German Meals Reminiscent of Your Oma's Kitchen

Delicious Rouladen with gravy poured over Kartoffelkloesse and a side of spicy Rotkohl flavored with apples and bacon are my fondest memories of my Mutti's Sunday dinners.

Followed by her famous Haselnusstorte covered with marzipan and filled with whipped cream or a simple Obsttorte, Mutti's meals were so traditionally reminiscent of her upbringing in Germany.

Emigrating to Canada in the 1950's, she and Papa worked hard to start a new life in a new country with their young family. It meant she needed to experiment in the kitchen, using ingredients that were foreign to her to try to capture the flavors that she so loved.

And, she succeeded. I grew up with German food in my blood! 

Missing German Foods?

Are you living outside of Germany too? Missing that daily trip to the bakery to get your fresh Brötchen? or some Mohnkuchen? Missing the Haxen? the Sauerbraten?

Gerhild Fulson

Hi! I'm Oma Gerhild Fulson.

Let me help you re-create that fabulous German food no matter where in the world you live.

Using local ingredients can be a bit of a challenge, but German cuisine is actually not that difficult to replicate. Especially when you have an Oma at your side, helping you.

Let me be your Oma.

I'll help you, just like my Mutti taught me.

Soon you'll be making those Rouladen, (or my easy and quick alternate: Flatladen) and red cabbage. Even Spätzle and Semmelklösse will find their way onto your plate.

It’s always a joy when someone writes in to say that what they’ve read and/or made has rekindled fond memories of being in the kitchen with their Mutti and Oma.

What I include here on my website are recipes that are traditional, yet quicker and easier to make than the original. Many are my own creations, such as Flatladen.

This is my take on Rouladen. In fact, when I first posted it online, if you googled Flatladen, the result was 0. That’s because it’s a word created by my boys.

If you google it now, there are over 10,000 results. My recipe! Other recipes here are adaptations or things I’ve experimented with. All are delicious!

Can you imagine my delight when I was approached by Page Street Publishing to write them a cookbook? That cookbook is now a reality! German Meals at Oma's made its debut on November 13, 2018 and is available in bookstores and online booksellers globally! 

Lydia and Alana showing off their aprons and cookbooks.Lydia and Alana, our granddaughters, showing off their Oma's aprons and my German Meals at Oma's cookbook. They're ready to make some yummy German meals!

I have to admit, to author this cookbook and see it in stores was a dream come true. 

I had so much delicious fun writing this cookbook and then doing interviews about it. Take a listen to this podcast with Jodi Stapler, from Love You a Brunch.

It was so much fun, that I just had to write another paperback cookbook, Baking Just Like Oma. Not only fun, but yummy too!

Looking for more? I've also written many, many e-cookbooks, as the 'younger' generation is so tech-ie! (and us 'older' folks as well!)

Check out the variety of e-cookbooks I have to choose from this selection.

A Bit More About Gerhild Fulson

Born in Germany, immigrated to Canada as a toddler, wife of one (having celebrated our 51st anniversary in 2020) -- mother of three, grandmother of four, teacher, writer, cook, author, website consultant, mentor, pastor, and lover of life: that’s me.

I live close to Niagara Falls in Southern Ontario. These gorgeous surroundings enable my hubby, Andy (Rev. Andy Fulson aka Pastor Wolle), and I to go on photographic outings to take photos to post on our websites.

Of course, most of my photos are of food!

With so much going on right now, I feel like I’ve just started to fulfill the real purpose of my life. So blessed to be able to say that!

The present path I’m on started in 2006 with a trip to Germany. What struck both Andy and I was the deadness of many of the churches we visited. Beautiful, historic buildings, lovingly restored, empty, except for tourists.

We were struck by the hopelessness of many we spoke to … their families suffering with cancer, depression, and suicide.

We returned, and together with another couple, founded the Gottes Wort Ministry and now travel almost yearly to Germany, ministering and teaching in small house groups and churches.

For many years, we've had a German Facebook page with over 190,000 fans, mostly German-speaking Brazilians! Because of this, we've even started a Portuguese ministry, A Palavra De Deus!

And now, we've just started our English ministry site, God's Word for Today. The Gospel outreach keeps growing!

To fund this, I started ( and Tour My Germany (tourmygerman.comwhere I enjoy being able to share my German heritage and culture with others. 

All the profits from the sale of my cookbooks / products / ads / promotions, as well as the online business coaching I do, goes directly to the Gottes Wort Ministry.


Oma Gerhild Fulson aka

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One of the top 30 German Food Bloggers Award for 2019

It's fun opening emails when they come from the most unexpected places. Just got this one from, where they've awarded my blog as one of the top 30 in this category. 

Banners für Die Top 30 der deutschen Food Blogs 2019

Although Sparpedia is in German, I guess my English blog of German food applies. So, my thanks go to all my readers who have made this happen!


The images you'll find on this site are mostly mine. They are ones I took while cooking and baking and serving. Nothing fancy, but it matches my cooking. Nothing fancy, but delicious. 

I've mentioned that I'm not a chef, nor am I a photographer. I'm just an Oma who loves to cook and photograph.

What do I use for my camera? My earlier photos are from a basic point and shoot camera! However, over the years, I've progressed and presently use my Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra.

There are some photos from our readers and some stock images from Deposit Photos on this site as well. 

Writing Cookbooks is Now a Passion!

Words to the Wise

 "The Lord preserves those with knowledge, but he ruins the plans of the treacherous."

Proverbs 22:12 (NLT)

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