German Cake Recipes

Old-fashioned German cake recipes, including easy versions of traditional cakes such as Bienenstich, is what you'll find here. For everyday traditional German desserts, I certainly don't have time to make a fancy Black Forest Cherry Torte, and you probably don't either.

Years ago, I decided that easy, quick, and delicious would win out over beautifully decorated.

So, I substituted some 'convenience items' or altered the traditional method.

That's how I created the easy Black Forest Torte shown right.

But you can make it look "real" with just a bit extra time, some whipped cream, and a pastry bag. In fact, my 7-year old granddaughter, Lydia, helped make it as a birthday cake for her older sister, Alana.

The German Blitz Torte, is a delicious example of one of the best cake recipes that you can whip together quickly using ingredients you already have on hand. Special for holidays and easy enough for a family dinner. YUMMY!

The Hazelnut Torte is also so simple to make. I just rolled out purchased marzipan to cover the cake and decorated with whipped cream and almonds. It even surprised me how simple it was and how beautiful it looked. My Mutti used to make this Hazelnut Torte all the time. It was her specialty.

Often she just served it plain, without the marzipan, and just dusted it with icing sugar. It still tasted good, but, in my opinion, the marzipan was the crowning touch!

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German Cakes Recipes

Apple Cake - looks so pretty and tastes even better

Apple Dump Cake - dump one after the other in the pan

Apple Galette - tastes like a caramel apple pie

Apple Strudel - an easy version of this traditional dessert

Apricot Streusel Tart - traditional streusel tart - so-o-o delicious!

Berry Torte - use any fresh berries

Bienenstich Cake - "Bee Sting" cake -- easy version!

Black Forest Cake - QUICK - really easy using cake mix and pie filling

Black Forest Cake - the TRADITIONAL German cake!

Blitz Torte - made quickly from ingredients you already have

Butter Cake - "Butterkuchen" - easy yeast recipe

Butter Cake, EASIER!  - use your bread machine for this! 

Cheesecake - quick and easy and delicious

Cherry Tart with Peaches - covered with delicious streusel

Chocolate Cake - easy using a mix and a can

Chocolate Torte - Schokoladentorte

Coconut Cakes - two easy versions

Coffee Cake - with cinnamon, nuts, brown sugar, and raisins

Cream Roll - "Jelly Roll" with whipped cream and fruit

Crumb Cake - delicious with fruit under topping

Easy Crumb Cake - sent in by another Gerhild

Fruit tart - sent in by one of our readers

German Chocolate Cake - German or American?

Hazelnut Torte - nut cake topped with marzipan and whipped cream

Königskuchen - traditional holiday non-yeast fruit cake

Linzertorte - traditional raspberry jam tart

Marble Pound Cake - a family favorite!

Peach or Plum Cake - traditional, yet easy, recipe with yeast

Pineapple Cake - moist deliciousness!

Plum Streuselkuchen - old-fashioned goodness from Grandma!

Poppy Seed Cake - traditional recipe with yeast

Poppy Seed Roll - use your Bread Machine for this

Pound Cake - traditional German Sandkuchen

Rhubarb Crisp - cake? cobbler? crisp? dump cake? DELICIOUS!

Stollen - traditional German Quarkstollen

VEGAN Chocolate Cake - tastes so German!

Whipped Cheese Cake - baked sponge layers & no-bake filling


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"This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 (NLT)

Want nutritional information for a recipe? Copy and paste the ingredient list and the number of servings into Calorie Count. It will give you an approximate calculation.

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Experience Germany: food, people, country, & RECIPES!


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Top of Best German Cake Recipes

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Oma's Best Cake Recipes

whipped cheese cake

Whipped Cheese Cake

bienenstich cake


cream roll

Cream roll

Black forest cake

blitz torte 200

Blitz torte

hazelnut cake 200

Hazelnut torte

German apple cake

Apple cake

poppy seed roll

Oma's Poppy Seed Roll

marble cake

Marble cake

coffee cake

Coffee cake

berry torte

Berry torte

cherry tart

Cherry peach tart


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