German Meat Recipes

German meat recipes ("Fleisch Rezepte")! Nothing smelled better in Mom's kitchen than rouladen simmering on the stove. When these beef rolls were cooking, we knew company was coming!

Nothing tasted better than dunking potato dumplings in the beef gravy. BUT, the work! And the expense! Since the favourite meal for my family turned out to be roulades, I decided to do something about it.

That's how I created flatladen.  This rouladen alternative is just as delicious, but it's easy and inexpensive enough to use for weekday family meals.

Re-creating a traditional recipe into one less expensive but just as tasty was the same principle that I used for Smoked Pork Chops (Kasseler) with Sauerkraut.

The original version was almost impossible for us to have.

Kasseler just wasn't readily available at our deli. But it had a special place in our memories.

So, it took an unexpected visit to my German friend's house to learn her secret. AND, she let me share it with you!

How about turning that ground beef into a traditional German meatloaf called Falscher Hase (False Rabbit!). The best part is the crust and that's because of a German secret to flavour it. 

Not too familiar in the kitchen yet or just a beginning cook? My instructions will teach you the basics of how to cook chicken, beef, pork, and other meats while at the same time turning out some great meals.

Add some German side dishes, perhaps some dumplings, and red cabbage. Include a great German dessert. Hang the German flag. Put on some om-pa-pa music. HAVE FUN!

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Traditional German Meat Recipes






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Choosing which cut of meat to use for your German meat recipes is the first step to a successful meal. Knowing what the grading means is important. It will help you decide if your cut will match your recipe. Choose the right cut and you'll have a tender result.

Want nutritional information for a recipe? Copy and paste the ingredient list and the number of servings into Calorie Count. It will give you an approximate calculation.

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Experience Germany: food, people, country, & RECIPES!


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Anne says, "Just made this last week for my Birthday ... Can't believe it looks exactly the same as my Mama taught me some 40 years ago ... we use a fork to make the ridges in the apples. But they do open up better the way you do it with the knife. And you are right, this recipe never fails :)"