German Potato Salad Recipes

German potato salad recipes ("Kartoffelsalat") have so many variations, there's a perfect one just for your picnic, lunch, supper, or party. Hot, warm, cold, creamy or not – you choose your favourite.

Or, perhaps you'll end up with several favorites, like me. Sometimes I take my time to make a real traditional German potato salad, and other times I'll make my own speedy version.

Potato salads are great for picnics on hot summer days, but they also become an unexpected treat in the winter too. 

Now, hot potato salad is something my Mom never made. I didn't even realize it was a traditional German dish until I was looking through some cookbooks.

Since one of my favorite foods is potatoes, I thought, "Why not give it a try?" and am I glad I did.

Not only that, but since my regular cold potato salad does take a bit of time to make, I got busy in the kitchen to do some improvising. WOW! What a success. I now have one recipe that can be used hot, warm, or cold! Great for those quick suppers or unexpected company.

Try this super easy potato salad. It's my best potato salad recipe for sure! It's so quick and simple, it takes 30 minutes from scratch until it's on the table.

Serve with sausage or hamburgers it's a treat that's sure to please.

There's even one made with sweet potatoes that I got the recipe from my daughter-in-love, Sylvie. It looks so pretty with the bits of orange sweet potatoes peeking through the creamy dressing.

Find out how to make potato salad in any one of the recipes below and then try the different variations - remember to try the hints too. One of these is sure to become your best potato salad recipe ever! (There's even one that has herring in it!)

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Check out these German Potato Salad recipes

Cold Potato Salad - the traditional salad for summer

Easy Potato Salad - from raw potatoes to table in 30 minutes

Hot Potato Salad - sent in my one of our readers 

Potato & Herring Salad - a traditional buffet salad

Sweet Potato Salad - pretty touch to traditional salad

Warm German Potato Salad - a quick 20-minute recipe


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Top of German Potato Salad Recipes

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Potato Salads

cold potato salad

Cold potato salad

easy potato salad

Easy potato salad

sweet potato salad

Sweet potato salad

 serve with . . .

slowcooker ham




and dessert . . .

black forest dessert

Black forest dessert

flaky dessert

Flaky dessert

heiss und eis

Heiss und eis

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Anne says, "Just made this last week for my Birthday. I usually add walnut pieces or almond slivers. Can't believe it looks exactly the same as my Mama taught me some 40 years ago, the only thing what we did different, we use a fork to make the ridges in the apples. But they do open up better the way you do it with the knife. And you are right, this recipe never fails :)"

Gabriele H. says, "What a wonderful place to find German recipes without having to call family in Germany. I'm loving it."

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