German Meals at Oma's ~ Paperback & Kindle

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Re-create Oma Gerhild’s favorite authentic German recipes right in your own kitchen!

Whip up traditional German meals just like Oma used to make!

Oma's Favorite German Recipes eCookbook.

I was born in Germany and learned how to make many delicious and traditional German meals by my Mutti’s side. After years of perfecting the recipes, I have created this incredible collection that covers well-known dishes from Berlin to Hamburg―and everywhere in between.

Chapter page, Hamburg, from German Meals at Oma’sChapter page, Hamburg, from German Meals at Oma’s

With easy-to-follow recipes, beautiful photos and helpful tips throughout, you’ll feel like you’re cooking with Oma right by your side.

Enjoy meals like this Cauliflower Bomb from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern area …

Blumenkohl Bombe recipe page from German Meals at Oma’sBlumenkohl Bombe recipe page from German Meals at Oma’s

… or enjoy this Baden-Württemberg traditional meal …

Käsespätzle recipe page from German Meals at Oma’sKäsespätzle recipe page from German Meals at Oma’s

Whether you’re in the mood for the heartwarming dishes of your childhood or you simply want to try tasty dishes from a new cuisine, I make it easy for you to take classic German recipes from my family’s table to yours.

Each of these 75 wunderbar recipes has a full page color photo and is filled with tips and tricks, right from my kitchen.

Here’s your chance to get German Meals at Oma’s for yourself and for everyone on your gift-giving list! Pass on your German culture to your children and grandchildren. Share your love for German cuisine with your friends and neighbors.

Get Oma's paperback German Meal's at Oma's today.

I've re-created those traditional German foods that you recall your Oma making by using easily available ingredients and new methods that don't take hours.

Quick and easy. That's my motto. Wunderbar food. That's the result.

Many German recipes use ingredients only available in Germany. Since I don't live in Germany, having access to these isn’t always easy. So, I experimented with my Mutti’s recipes (many came from her hand-written notes) and made them with ingredients easily purchased at my local grocery store.


These e-cookbooks, written in English, are the result. Since they are instantly downloadable PDFs, the moment you order them, you’ll be cooking and baking just like Oma in no time at all! (Prices are in USD.)

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What a yummy way to pass on our German culture: eat like a German!

You'll find oodles of recipes in my eCookbooks that will trigger memories of meals at Oma's ... both from the northern part of Germany and the southern part.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You’ll find Oma’s newest paperback German cookbook (in English), German Meals at Oma’s, right here. A Kindle version is also available. Filled with recipes from every German state, it will take you on a tour throughout Germany. Grab this paperback one to complete your collection of Oma Gerhild’s books.

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