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Alana with her rouladenMy eldest granddaughter, Alana, loves to make rouladen for her own birthday dinner party.
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Looking for recipes for kids to cook? Want an easy way to pass on your German culture and have fun in the kitchen at the same time? Below you'll find just what you're looking for. 

One of the joys of growing up was helping Mom in the kitchen.

That is, until I got older and realized it was also a chore that kept me from going outside to play!

Now that I'm "Oma, I realize the importance of spending time with my granddaughters and use the time as wisely as I can.

Lydia and her twice-baked potatoesMy youngest granddaughter, Lydia, loves spending time in the kitchen ... here with twice-baked potatoes.
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Many times, it includes spending time in the kitchen - having fun - making memories - and passing on the German traditions in cooking and baking.

Recipes for kids to cook can mean several things. It all depends on the age of the children and on their capabilities.

Almost any recipe can be done by kids - I enjoyed making yeast doughs at the age of 8, forming them into all sorts of shapes and cakes.

The easiest way to start encouraging your young cooks and bakers is to always have something they can do to help you.

Keep on the lookout for easy recipes for kids to cook and bake. My Sunday job was peeling potatoes for potato dumplings. Since I enjoyed eating them, I learned to appreciate the work that went into them.

Below are recipes for kids to cook that are extra easy or have "fun parts" that kids, even very young ones, can help with. It's not a big step to go from "helping out" to "doing it themselves". Always be there to teach how to do things safely.

I've categorized the recipes such as, Easy Kids Christmas Cookies Recipes, to make it easier to find ones you'll enjoy doing together. Read the recipe carefully to see what the kids can do. And then, let them do it. Let them read the recipe; teach them to measure; explain the steps. Have fun!

By the way, the two lovely ladies above are my two granddaughters, Alana and her rouladen at the top and Lydia with her twice-baked potatoes on the bottom. They are even featured in my eBook, Quick Fix Soups.

Recipes for Kids to Cook and Bake

Kid Friendly Breakfast Recipes

  • German Apple Pancake - This one is so much fun to watch puff up in the oven. If your youngster can use a knife safely, have them cut up the apples while you get the batter ready. (They can also help measure it into the blender or mixer).

  • Homemade Granola - This is one they can measure and mix. Often I just use a measurement of 6 cups oats and 6 cups of other stuff. Let them be creative and choose what to put in. Have them use scissors to cut the dried apricots or prunes into pieces, if using them.

Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes

  • Baked Salmon Dijon - fun for kids to help by spreading the Dijon on the salmon with the back of a spoon and sprinkling with breadcrumbs. Often when they help make it, they eat it as well!

  • Homemade German Sausage - Buy child-sized plastic gloves and have your child get their hands into the meat, and squeeze and squeeze, and mix and mix. Fun to do. Can use bare hands, but make sure they're clean and that they aren't licked after until they are washed thoroughly.

Kid No Cook Recipes

  • Pineapple Pudding Flaky Dessert - Using unsalted soda crackers, pudding mix, and Cool Whip - this "no Cook, no Bake" dessert is a finger-licking easy treat to make. Just make sure you allow at least 6 hours for it to stand before serving. Then, have your child come up with new combinations. 

  • Black Forest Dessert is one example or try the variations from the readers below the recipe or any combination they can think of. Be creative! This is one of the easiest recipes for kids to cook because there's NO cooking!

Kid Friendly Dessert Recipe

  • Rhubarb Dump Cake - already sounds like a kid friendly dessert recipe! Just dump the ingredients into the pan and bake.

  • Apple Dump Cake - Another variation on dumping ingredients into the pan. This one is like eating candy!

Baking Recipes for Kids

  • Simple Oatmeal Cookies - This was my favorite "stand-by" recipe when I was a teen. Needed cookies to take to school? This was what I made. For younger kids, just melt the butter for them and let them do the rest.

  • Pecan Bars - Let the kids line the pan with the graham crackers while you are melting the butter and sugar. This one tastes so-o-o good.

Easy Kids Christmas Cookies Recipes

  • Lebkuchen - This one is fun to decorate together after it's baked. While you're making the lebkuchen, have your child cut the candied cherries, etc. into pieces using scissors.

  • Ginger Snap Cookies - You make the balls and they squish them with a glass. Teamwork! Later, it's time for a glass of milk and a cookie.

As you read through these recipes for kids to cook and bake, you will realize that kids can be helping in the kitchen regularly.

Just make it fun. As they learn to be comfortable around the kitchen tools, they may just surprise you with a breakfast in bed or a special German Sunday dinner.

Habt Spaß! (Have fun)

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