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>>>>>>>>>>>> I am looking for a recipe for a square yeast doughnut with raisins that my mother always made the evening of Shrove Tuesday. (The day …

Klob / prononced like cloths 
2 loaves of bread torn, eggs, milk, salt & pepper, nutmeg, allspice, milk, mix till moisten, put in cloth and boil for ? and turn over and boil for ? It …

My husband would always buy this at one of the stalls in the WeinachtsMarkt when we lived in Augsburg in the 70's and 80's. Personally I always thought …

I ran across an old recipe book from my mother recipe collection entitled " Frau Barbara erwartet Gaste ". Inside this recipe was marked with an "x" beside …

muldesha (or Muldenshan) 
My father's mother made a dumpling type dish that he remembers as muldesha. She passed away 65 years ago (long before I was born). Have you ever heard …

Mehl Buttle 
I have the recipe, but not sure of second word of title. First word was mehl which means flour. My grandmother made it in a double boiler. It contains …

Looking for a recipe for a pan-fried pancake made with flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and eggs.

I'm looking for a recipe for tatar that has hamburger meat and raw egg?

Strawberry Muldaja 
Boil egg noodles and drain Slightly fry in butter Put in a large Bowl. Cook Strawberries slowly on stove until sauce forms Make home made croutons …

Poppyseed Cake 
One of our readers (anonymously) asked: My mom used to make a poppyseed filling with raisins and cream of wheat . It made it a moist creamy filling. …

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