What To Serve With Pork Chops – Oma's Best Side Dishes For Chops

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Looking for side ideas to serve with your favorite pork chop recipe? Have no fear! Here, you can find tons of great German sides, traditional and delicious!

A great classic meat recipe calls for a great side to go with it. As you scroll through these side dishes, you're guaranteed to find one that's to your liking. There are lots of lecker ones to choose from.

I've chosen these sides based on how traditional it is to see them next to pork, or if it's simply a combination I love and want you to try too. These simple recipes are some of the best options you could ever choose from if you're looking for German, and lecker! 

Pork chops are something that everyone has had, and they are something that you can find pretty much find anywhere in the world. They're such a classic main dish, yet no matter how much I have, I can't get enough. 

Before we get to our yummy sides to serve with pork chops, first, you'll need a great and easy recipe!

Notice those lecker looking chops above? Those are Oma's breaded pork chops! These are a perfect choice and are a great addition to your weekly menu planning. So lecker!

Or, if you're looking for something more authentically German, check out Oma's German pork chops, seasoned with mustard. You can even make a mustard sauce on top! Find the recipe for the pork and the yummy sauce in that link above!

A great and very close alternative choice to pork chops is german schnitzel! Did you know that they are actually a type of pork chop?? The only key difference being, they're thinner, but they are just as tasty!

Try my air fryer pork schnitzel recipe if you're looking for something quick and easy. You can make these using pork cutlets or boneless pork chops. Don't forget to drizzle lemon juice on top!

Let's get started!

Let's kick off our Top Best Sides For Chops by starting with something a little different ...

Soup Sides

Soup with pork chops? I know you must be thinking that's a pretty odd pairing. But this is something that I LOVE to do. 

1. Tomato Bisque Soup

Meat with soup on the side is one of my favorite ways to have a meal. I'll often have sausage instead, but I do love a nice rich soup with my pork as well.

This tomato bisque soup, aka Tomaten-Bisque-Suppe, is my number one soup candidate for pork chops. I love the complementary flavors and the richness of the tomato, and how it reminds me of my favorite pork dish that my Mutti makes! Pork chops with diced tomatoes and lots of flavors!

I know it's a bit different than your usual side, but trust me, it's wunderbar!

Next, let's get into our second category. 

Salad Sides

Salads are a classic side. They go with anything and give a fresh feeling to your regular weeknight dinner. Here are some of my favorites to pair with pork chops.

2. Asparagus Salad

This is an interesting one that Oma introduced me to quite young. German Asparagus Salad, aka Spargelsalat! This is a great summery treat. Perfect for picnics, bbq's, or a comforting dinner. The beautiful red of the radishes and green from the asparagus gives this picture-perfect pop of color to the plate.

Asparagus is so loved in Germany. In fact, there's a whole festival dedicated to it during asparagus season! While white asparagus is more common during this time in Germany, this salad is made with green. Green asparagus is much easier to find from wherever you may be. Try this delicious recipe for yourself!

3. Sauerkraut Salad

Now, this is a German salad! This sauerkraut salad, aka Sauerkrautsalat, is what you want if you're looking to make the perfect German meal. Nothing says German quite like sauerkraut and juicy pork chops!

This salad is another one that works well with just about any meat. Not only is it super good for you and your immune system, but it's guaranteed to please everyone with its color and great flavor with that little bit of kick.

Next, let's check out some potato sides! Potato sides are HUGE in German cuisine. Almost every dish comes with potato that is cooked, mashed, rolled, or baked in some way to make tasty sides.

So let's check out some of the best.

Potato Sides

Everyone loves a good potato side. No matter the shape, size, or how it's served, you know it's a choice that will be loved!

4. Boiled Potatoes

Here we have Boiled Potatoes, aka Salzkartoffeln, are one of the most traditional of all German side dishes. They're also my Opa's favorite. He loves to mash them into any meat juice or gravy on his plate.

I love this recipe because they can be made in such a simple way. It's the perfect side dish for those busy weeknights when you want something that takes little effort and little time to do. You really can serve them however you want. Whether you want them in halves, quarters, cubes, or mashed up, it can be done! 

Quick sides are the best sides, and this is one you've got to try.

5. Hasselback Potatoes

 Hasselback potatoes, aka Fächerkartoffeln! Hasselbacks are a great way to WOW your guests. Don't they look so beautifully presentable?

This healthy side is easy to make, easy to dress, and can go with pretty much anything! Chopping the potatoes to look this way may seem like a hassle ... (Get it?) But it's actually super simple. Hasselbacks are a great way to still get that comforting feeling from the classic potatoes, but make it look classy and fun!

What a great pairing to the humble pork chop!

This next one is an honorable potato mention. This recipe may not be on the website, but it's still a great candidate as one of the easiest pork chop side dishes.

6. Mashed Potatoes

Plain mashed potatoes are another great potato side. Just boiled potatoes mashed with milk, butter, and salt and pepper. Simple ingredients, classic, and delicious!

Mashed potatoes are always a good side to serve, and they go with anything! Add some roasted garlic for an extra kick.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Here's one for all you air fryer lovers out there. My air-fried sweet potato recipe, aka Luftfritteuse Süßkartoffeln. I often make this as a side for pork chops or even as a snack because it's just that good. Making these in the air fryer can save so much on cooking time.

You'll love how easy this one is to make. Simply brush on olive oil, sprinkle seasonings, lay on air fryer sheet pan, and VOILA ... deliciously easy sweet potatoes! The brush of olive oil gives the skin such an irresistible crispness. 

Sweet potatoes may not be traditionally German, but this veggie has gained popularity for good reason. Give this a try and serve alongside your delicious pork chops for an easy dinner. Try making some sweet potato fries while you're at it! Another healthy choice!

Now that we've made it through those tasty potato sides, let's move onto our last category.

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Vegetable Sides 

Now, let's add vegetables into the mix.

Vegetable sides, serve one or more if you wish. For a dinner party, Oma always chooses two. Red cabbage almost always being one. Keep scrolling a little further for that one!

First up, let's start with another air fryer favorite.

8. Air Fried Asparagus

My roasted asparagus in the air fryer, Spargel für Luftfritteuse will leave you craving more. Don't have an air fryer? No problem! This can easily be done in the oven as well. 

My favorite part about cooking asparagus is there is really no correct way to season it. You can add whatever your heart desires, and then next time, you can try something different! It's always great to try new things. I personally love adding on some paprika, a very German seasoning, and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

This recipe is so quick and so simple it can go from being in the fridge to being done on your plate beside that yummy pork chop in just 30 minutes! That's the best thing about air fryers!

9. Creamy Brussels Sprouts

Looking for something bold and brave to pair with your pork? Well, these Brussel sprouts, aka Rosenkohl, with a creamy sauce would be a lecker choice.

Brussel sprouts are Oma's favorite to serve along with her red cabbage. I never used to enjoy brussel sprouts growing up until I had Oma's. This is a great way to get the kids to eat their sprouts!

Oma loves to add extra flavor by mixing cream and butter in with the sprouts. That extra creaminess kind of mutes the boldness of the veggie itself and gives it a lovely flavor. 

10. Green Beans

Green beans, aka Grüne Bohnen, are such a classic and delicious side dish. Tenderly cooked, and made with a traditional creamy sauce. This was my Uroma's (great-grandmother's) favorite veggie recipe.

If you're not sure what herbs to use when cooking green beans, try Bohnenkraut ... It's literally called the bean herb! 

All thanks to Oma serving her amazing green bean soup to us all the time growing up, beans have become one of my favorite veggies as well. If you have any leftover beans from this recipe, use them to try out her soup! 

11. German Red Cabbage

Here's the one you've been waiting for. This traditional German red cabbage recipe aka Rotkohlis German food at its best!

This one has apples in it. Red cabbage is a very popular choice amongst our family. I love this recipe so much that I'll make it as a late-night snack. You can use jarred red cabbage and it works just as well!

Nothing beats going to Oma's for dinner and seeing her homemade red cabbage on the table. It will always be my go-to and favorite German food. It's just so tasty!

 Last but certainly not least...

12. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Another beautiful tomato side. Oma's roasted cherry tomatoes, aka, Geröstete Kirschtomaten. This is without a doubt a healthy side choice and it's vegan! This is a great option if you're looking for something yummy to make from those homegrown tomatoes. 

This will become one of your all-time favorite sides because of the minimal effort it takes to get such a good side dish such as this on your plate so quickly!

During the summer season, Dad and I love snacking on our homegrown tomatoes from our little cherry tomato tree we keep on the deck. (The closer to us, the better ... for snacking purposes.) :) I could eat these like candy!

These would look so lovely next to those breaded pork chops!

Don't those all look so lecker? Now that we've made it to the end of our top sides to serve with pork chops, it's time to get cooking, boiling, and creating!

Just follow the links, get your favorite apron out and enjoy some kitchen time.

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Looking for side ideas to serve with your favorite pork chop recipe? Have no fear! Here, you can find tons of great German sides, traditional and delicious!

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