Best 10 German Foods with Recipes – Oma's 10 Beste der deutschen Küche

➤ by Lydia Fulson

Oma's Best 10 German foods that will have you thinking you're back in your Oma's kitchen in Germany, cooking and baking together with her. But best of all, you'll be making memories! Here, you'll find main dishes, sides, and desserts, ALL lecker smecker for special occasions or cozy nights in.

German cuisine has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little, Oma taught me how to make her favorite comfort foods, traditional German food, and some not-so-traditional foods.

Oma's BEST 10 German foods

Being in the kitchen working alongside my Oma is one of my favorite things to do and has been since I was little. We've made many memories together making these yummy recipes ... lots of picture taking, lots of laughs, and lots of snacking along the way. :)

Now, let's take a look at my Oma's best 10 German recipes!

You may recognize this picture from our home page, so to kick off our best ten recipes, let's tackle those four you see there first! Starting with ...

1. German Potato Dumplings

German Potato Dumplingsaka Kartoffelklöße, bring back great memories of visits to my Oma's house. We would often find a big bowl of these potato dumplings waiting for us on the table, and sitting right beside them would be Rouladen with gravy! Yum! This recipe is straight from my Oma's Mutti's cookbook, which makes it even more special.

The best part about these dumplings is the leftovers because they're so easy to pack up and send home with us after our visit. Oma always sends home doggy bags, but how could we complain about that? ;)

If you like these dumplings, then you'll LOVE Oma's königsberger klopse! A tasty treat that can be found in so many German restaurants. You'll love the different flavors of the comforting sauce that accompanies these meatballs.

After those delicious dumplings, let's move onto that delicious Rouladen that we mentioned earlier ...

2. Oma's German Beef Rouladen 

This traditional German beef Rouladen recipe  my Oma's most cherished German food from her childhood and she has since passed it down to my sister and me. Rouladen has now become OUR most cherished food too!

I have such sweet memories of making this recipe with Oma, especially for our birthday celebrations. This recipe is a favorite in our family, and I often find myself making it at home. I like to stuff my beef rolls with extra pickles. Coming from a true pickle lover like myself, there can never be enough of them. The delicious blend of bacon and spices make this such a warm comfort dish for the holiday season. Made with that high quality piece of beef... mmm!

Rouladen is the go-to recipe that I always make for my friends after the debate on which German food is the best. My vote always goes for Rouladen, and once they taste it, they agree.

What do we have next? Oh yes!

3. The Best Jagerschnitzel Recipe

This Jagerschnitzel is a very traditional meal in Germany and in our family too. The recipe comes from my Oma's Mutti, and I can say that it's one worth making. There are lots of ways to make schnitzel, but Oma's is the real deal! Since we're talking about schnitzel ... here's my air fryer schnitzel recipe! While it may not be made like traditional wiener schnitzel, it's still Wunderbar and tastes just like Oma's.

Jagerschnitzel is a simple main dish to make, and when covered in this heavenly creamy mushroom sauce, it is a pure delight for the taste buds. Extra bacon is always welcome in mine, and with apple sauce and Oma's delicious potato salad on the side (With extra pickles too, of course!) ... now THAT'S a meal. You'll often see in German culture that a fried egg and anchovies can be found on top when serving Schnitzel Holstein!

Let's get to something a little sweeter ...

4. Traditional Black Forest Cake

This German Black Forest Cake is one that Oma and I have made many times together! I learned how to make this one when I was quite young with Oma when preparing a birthday dinner for my Dad. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is his absolute favorite!

For years now, I've been making this recipe and always have a blast decorating it. Dad loves having nuts in desserts and always requests them if we're making brownies or muffins at home, so naturally, I add loads of sliced almonds to add some nice crunch.

You can really make this cake to your liking which makes it even better. One of the best parts about cake making is that even though your measurements are crucial to be perfect, the decorating is in your hands! ... Literally!

It can get messy, but that's one of the fun joys of baking. I know that was always my favorite part when making this with Oma.

That wraps up our best four German foods! Don't they look and sound so yummy? Be sure to give them a go, but before you get busy trying them out, let's take a look at our next top 6 recipes!

Up first we have ...

5. Oma's Pork Hocks (Schweinshaxe)

Oma's Pork Hocks are not just for Oktoberfest, but anytime you want something traditionally German and wonderfully delicious! Served alongside the most German side of them all, sauerkraut, it makes for a delicious meal.

Oma makes her pork hocks so flavorful and bold it will make you think you're back in Germany dining at your favorite restaurant. It will always be on my bucket list to travel to Germany and see how their pork hocks compare to Oma's and see if they're anywhere near as yummy as hers! She always makes it best, especially when making it for us, maybe because it has that special ingredient, love.

Love is just what you'll feel once you try this recipe. You'll fall in love with the very first bite.

Try serving this traditional dish alongside an even more traditional side! The beautiful white asparagus! If you're visiting Berlin, be sure to stop by the asparagus festival for some freshly grown white asparagus freshly picked by its farmers. If you ask anyone in Berlin what the best German foods are... guarantee, the first one to be mentioned is this wunderbar veggie.

Next up is our famous German side ...

6. Oma's Recipe for Sauerkraut

This easy recipe for sauerkraut is a staple in our German family menu. It's delicious with almost anything. Yes, sauerkraut goes with pork, beef, sausage, noodles, potatoes, and even soups! Sauerkraut has to be one of the most well-known and popular german foods out there, and it's no mystery as to why that is.

This recipe is the perfect one to make for summer BBQs. You can add it on top of your fresh bratwurst or eat it by itself, but either way, it's Wunderbar! Oma has given me the best tips for making sauerkraut, from cooking it properly, to the best kind to buy. Follow my Oma's recipe, and you'll be turning heads at the dinner table with this traditionally German side.

Not to mention, sauerkraut is remarkably healthy for you! Authentic, lecker, simple, and healthy? Now that sounds like the perfect recipe!

Looking delicious! What's up next? 

7. Oma's German Cucumber Salad

German cucumber salad recipe, aka Gurkensalad,  is one of our favorite summer salad recipes.

We eat this salad from northern Germany so often in the summertime. It really is the ultimate refresher for family picnics and the perfect pair to those meaty dishes above. The first time I made this recipe with Oma, I thought, there's no way cucumbers belong in a bowl with all this stuff ... boy, was I wrong! The flavors all compliment each other so perfectly, and I find myself having bowl after bowl!

In different regions of Germany, this cucumber salad is made in many ways, but all are amazingly yummy. Here, you can check out Oma's cucumber salad from Southern Germany as well.

You'll love the punch of flavor this salad gives off. Giving a little crunch, creaminess, and loads of flavors, this is THE salad to serve!

Looks like we've made it to my favorite German side dish:

8. Oma's Rotkohl ~ German Red Cabbage

This German red cabbage recipe, aka Rotkohl, is easy to make, and it tastes even better the next day! Red cabbage recipes are really a staple for German cooking. It's German food at its best! :)

I love making this recipe as a quick side dish or even as a late-night snack. (I take the easy route and buy jarred cabbage with apples.) But nothing beats going to Oma's for dinner and seeing her homemade red cabbage on the table. It will always be my go-to and favorite German food! It's just so tasty!

Even people who say they don't like red cabbage find this dish almost like eating candy! They take second helpings because it's so good.

Next up:

9. Oma's Brötchen ~ German Bread Rolls

Looking for a German bread rolls recipe that's reminiscent of the Brötchen you had in Germany? This is the recipe for you!

Make these for Easter morning as a lovely surprise for your hubby! I'll take these over plain white bread any day! These bread rolls always turn out perfectly. Not too dry, not too fluffy, not too hard, and you don't need to add a lot of butter to add flavor because they're just amazing by themselves!

Oma makes this recipe quickly and deliciously in her bread maker. These Brötchen are the perfect accompaniment to a hot bowl of soup, perhaps Oma's green bean soup? Let the comforting flavors soak in as you savor every bite of the German nostalgia.

Last but certainly not least, we have this nutty sweet treat:

10. Oma's Bienenstich Recipe ~ Bee Sting Cake

Prepare to hear lots of "oos' and "aahs" with this cake! When you set this delicious Bee Sting Cake down on the table in front of your guests, everyone will be diving in for seconds!

Not only is it eye-catching, but it's easy, and if there's one thing Oma loves, it's EASY. Although, you do need to bring your patience with you to the kitchen with this one. Making the yummy nut topping can be time-consuming, but in the end, it's worth every second! I love this one with Oma's homemade whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

This treat has so many layers of goodness that are guaranteed to impress. There are many different fillings you can use for your layers ... it's all up to you, the chef! You can make it with or without yeast too.

Bienenstich really is a simple step-by-step, inexpensive delicacy, and it's one that you can't miss out on baking. 

Want to know which recipes are Oma's favorites? Grab your copy of her very favorite recipes in Favorite German Recipes eCookbook.

Take a look at Oma’s Favorite German Recipes eCookbook and enjoy the traditional taste of German cuisine!

Take a peek at all Oma's eCookbooks. They make sharing your German heritage a delicious adventure!

Don't those all look so incredibly lecker? Now that we've made it to the end of our best 10 German recipes, it's time to get cooking and baking them!

Just follow the links, get your favorite apron out and enjoy some kitchen time.

Honorable And Popular German Food Mentions!

Although we've made it through our best 10 recipes, there are still so many delectable German dishes to be mentioned!

These recipes hold a special place in German history and tradition, and once you try them, you'll see why they're so memorable. Talk about delicious!

First up, one of the beloved country’s national dishes.


This famous German food has some very interesting history to it. Nowadays, you'll see this recipe is made using beef roast of some kind. But did you know that many years ago, Sauerbraten was made with horse meat?? That's right! During the war, there weren't a lot of other options available, but horse meat is often always available in Europe. Horse meat is popular among European countries back then and still is.

Now, just because I haven't had it with horse meat, doesn't mean I haven't had delicious sauerbraten. Oma's sauerbraten made in the pressure cooker is oh-so-good and easy to make and just look at that picture up above. I mean, how can you resist something THAT good ... give it a go!

Next up for our popular German foods is...


Currywurst is a very popular street food dish that can be found just about everywhere in Germany. Here's what you can expect when ordering this traditional German dish. Traditionally, currywurst is a fried pork sausage that is often cut into bite-sized pieces, served with a yummy curry-spiced sauce.

The sauce is made by taking curry powder and mixing it with ketchup and other ingredients, then pouring it over top of the sausage or serving it on the side to dip your pieces in. Can you see why it's called currywurst?

This cleverly yummy dish was invented in 1949 by a woman named Herta Heuwer, who owned a food kiosk in Berlin. I'll bet she never would've imagined how this recipe would take off in popularity around the globe!

This next one is a sweet dessert that I love to make, myself!

Rote Grütze

An absolutely summery dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure, this rote grütze has become one of my personal favorites. Did you know that it is also considered the national dessert of Germany? Wow, looks like it isn't just my favorite!

Traditionally, rote grütze is served over a cream or custard, often with quark incorporated. Be sure to check out my Oma's Mutti's recipe for rote grütze. You can make this dessert with just about any type of fruit you'd like. When I made Oma's recipe, I used a mix of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. But it's all up to your preference!

Next, we have a snazzy meat dish that is taking over popularity in Berlin ...

Döner Kebab

This popular dish is often made with lamb meat in Germany, but elsewhere it can be found with turkey, beef, and chicken.

Döner kebabs are cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The meat is seasoned, stacked into a cone shape, and cooked low and slow. Whilst spinning on the rotisserie, the meat is basted in its own juices, bringing out some immaculate flavors. From there, the meat is often served on flatbread with simple veggies and a delicious garlic yogurt sauce. You'll be going crazy for seconds after trying this!

Last but not least, we have...

White Sausage

Now this is an interesting one. Otherwise known as Weisswurst, is one of the more oddly colored varieties of sausage that you can find in Germany. More specifically, you'll find this is a typical German dish in Munich, Bavaria. White sausage is just as it sounds. A whiteish grey sausage that is smaller than your traditional sausage would be.

Now the interesting fact about this sausage is that you'll often only find them being served before noon. This is because it is served very fresh after being heated in hot water. They are not fried or grilled, meaning they are more perishable. So the quicker they can be eaten, the better!

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