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TOP 10 Oktoberfest Recipes

This is Oktoberfest food.

The real thing, and most importantly, easy to make at home.

When I first started to research which recipes to include in this ebook, I knew which ones I'd want. I found it interesting, because my favorite Oktoberfest ideas were everyone else's favorites as well! 

Oktoberfest food ebook

There's just nothing like creating a party meal using these recipes to WOW your family and friends.

This collection includes:

  • the traditional pork hocks, 
  • sausages, 
  • potato dumplings, 
  • potato pancakes, 
  • pretzels, 
  • Bienenstich cake, 
  • cucumber salad, 
  • potato salad, 
  • red cabbage, and, of course, 
  • sauerkraut!

It's what everyone wanted when they were looking for Oktoberfest party dinner ideas

Why wait? Order my eBOOK today. It's immediately downloadable so you can start planning your party right away. 

Then, put on the oom-pah-pah music, decorate your table in the cobalt blue and white colors of Bavaria, and celebrate your very own Oktoberfest.

Here's what you'll get ...

Top 10 Oktoberfest Recipes

pork hocks
potato dumplings
potato pancakes
red cabbage
bee sting cake
cucumber salad
potato salad

You'll have all the Oktoberfest recipes you'll need, all in one place. Make several dishes, make them all. Be ready to WOW your guests!

Get your Top 10 Oktoberfest Recipes ebook right now ... download immediately, and start to cook!

I'm confident that you'll enjoy my eBook, but should you disagree, I'll refund you right away. That's right.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If at any time within 60 days from buying any eBook, you decide that this is not what you expected, just email me and I'll return your money instantly, no questions asked.

Intrigued? Decide for yourself ... it's RISK FREE ... you won't be disappointed!

Get your Top 10 Oktoberfest Recipes ebook right now ... download immediately, and start to cook!

Don’t forget your dirndl and lederhosen!!

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