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Your Recipes for Dumplings

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German Potato DumplingsGerman Potato Dumplings just like my Mutti used to make them!

These recipes for dumplings, aka Klösse und Knödel, have been sent in by our readers. Each is different, even in just small ways. But each is part of the great traditional German foods eaten around the world. Try these German side dishes when your craving something special.

Above are shown the ones I grew up with. They are just like my Mutti used to make them. If you'd like to try these, then click here!

Below are two of our readers' recipes. You'll find more at the bottom of the page!

Bayerische-Wald Potato Dumplings

by Sepp (Oshkosh, Wis. USA)


  • 6 Idaho Potatoes, peeled, cooked, cooled
  • white flour
  • salt


  • When potatoes are cool, mash with potato masher.
  • Measure mashed potatoes in large measuring cup.
  • Then put in large bowl.
  • Remember how many cups of potatoes you had; now add equal amount of white flour to the large bowl.
  • Mix with floured hands until you have pea-sized mixture of potato and flour.
  • Now grasp with both hands like you are making a large snowball. Pack them good, until they stay together.
  • Meanwhile boil a large pot of salted water on the stove. Place dumplings in gently boiling water, occasionally stirring so they don't burn on the bottom.
  • When dumplings rise to the top, they are done. (approx. 30 minutes). Do not cover pot while cooking.

Marion's Potato Dumplings

by Marion Wells (Aroura, Illinois, USA)


  • 3 - 4 potatoes, boiled with skin on until tender
  • salt, pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup flour


  • After the potatoes have cooled, peel and grate with grater onto a hard floured surface. Add salt and a little pepper if preferred. Add one egg and one cup flour.
  • Start to knead together until the dough stays together, adding flour as necessary.
  • When the dough stays in a ball, cut a piece of the dough and start to make a long snake, again using flour when necessary. When the dough is about the length of a ruler and the width of a quarter, cut it in about ½ inch pieces and roll one more time in a little flour just to dust them.
  • Add to boiling water with a little salt. When the dumplings rise to the top of the pot that means they are done, but just check. If the inside is done, they will look solid and chewy. Then you know they are done. Take out of the pot and place in bowl or container. Enjoy with stew, rouladen, or any other type of meat.
  • This was my mother's recipe who came from Germany and passed this down to me.

Try these recipes for Dumplings

Do you have any dumpling recipes? Or, you can just share your dumpling memories!

Got an easy DUMPLING recipe?

PLEASE, share it with us!

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