Instant Mashed Potato Dumplings

by Jeff McCade
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

My mother grew up in Berlin during the war and the blockade as well. Potatoes were not readily available, but they did get instant mashed potatoes and adapted recipes to use them. One of these was potato dumplings. I have found them to be a great time saver in the kitchen.

3 eggs
2 cups instant mashed potatoes
1.5 cups water or milk
2+/- cups of flour
salt, pepper, parsley, cooked bacon, sauteed onions to taste or as desired.

Mix all ingredients, except the flour, in a large bowl and let stand for 10 minutes. Then add flour until dough is a consistency to be able to roll into balls.

Boil pot of salted water, and drop balls into water. Boil gently until they float and are cooked through and they are ready to serve. If you have any left over, they are great fried with a dollop of sour cream.

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replace AP flour with potato starch
by: Ursula

Has anyone tried potato starch in place of AP flour? I would like to read about it. Thanks !

by: Hubert

Don’t know when that was originally posted - but for years I have been trying to find something this easy with such a great result. inexpensive, super quick and they came out really fluffy to tear apart… not like the "Tennisballs" I usually got. Omg - a real winner.

Thanks to you and your mom from post-war Berlin.

Great with Gulasch, Stroganoff, Rolladen or Sauerbraten!

No Nutmeg?
by: Anonymous

I've always made them with nutmeg (and usually double or triple the dose)

by: Anonymous

I am Polish and Russian decent and love potato noodles and dumplings.My mom made them a lot and so happy I can use instant potatoes!!!! Going to make chicken and dumplings.

by: Anonymous

This recipe of potato dumplings is so good with beef stew or simple beef and gravy instead of vegetables.

When making beef stew try adding a sprinkle of ground cloves ( be careful not to add too much ) or allspice to your recipe a Tablespoon of tomato paste,
Serve this over these potato dumplings and a side dish of Aunt Nellie red cabbage from a jar.....OH MY!

Memory Lane
by: Anonymous

Oma made Kartoffelknödel from scratch. Tante Anita used a box mix. This recipe is a delicious mix between the two.

I love potato dumplings
by: Charly

I grew up in West Berlin in the 70's and 80's and I miss my Omi's cooking! I will give this recipe a try thanks so much for posting

Saving Great Amount of Time
by: Overholtzer

I never thought to use instant potatoes I surely loved this idea. I am making it right now and it's preparation only takes 15 minutes compared to an hour+ thank you for this.

I did tweak it a bit. Half milk half water. Sour cream mixed into the dough aswell. I also put some apple vinegar in as well to cook into the water.

dumplings with chicken soup
by: Anonymous

Can you use these dumplings with chicken soup?

Gluten free recipe is wonderful
by: Susanna

No flour...
2 eggs
2 cups mashed potatoes
1/2 C Corn Starch
2 TBS Olive oil
Black pepper to taste
1 4 oz bag of Idahoan Fully Loaded Buttery Instant potatoes

In a pot of boiling water add 1/4 cup of vinegar....(it helps keeping them together)
Using an ice cream scoop place dumplings in the boiling water.
Continue to slow boil for 8-10 minuets
Serve with German goulash, Red Cabbage, and baked apples

Hope this recipe will work
by: Beverly

So far I have made potato dumplings twice for my German friend and both times them were hockey pucks. Not light at all. Both recipes came from a German cookbook. I hop by using instant potatoes that will be a winner.

Potato Dmplings
by: Mac Farsider

Try these deep fried for a real treat. Add a little minced onion too.

by: Jeff

Have never useed croutons in Kartoffel Kloesse, do use bread when making Semmel Kloesse though.

Croutons in the center?
by: Anonymous

It is traditional to put a crouton in the center of the potato dumplings when made from scratch or the Pfanni Mix (ensures the center is always cooked)- do you do the same with this recipe?

by: Jeff

Oms thanks for answering. Instant mash is used

Instant Mashed Potato Dumplings
by: jen


Is the potato cooked or is it the flakes?


Hi Jen!
In the original recipe that Jeff submitted, he uses 2 cups of the instant potato flakes.

~ Oma Gerhild

With Pork Roast
by: Sue

These are wonderful placed around pork roast with sauerkraut. Turns into a Bohemian dish.

by: Brenna

How many dumplings should this recipe make? Not sure how big to make the balls of dough.

* * * * * * *

Brenna, I'm not sure how many this will make. Usually potato dumplings are made 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Thank you
by: KM

Just wanted to thank you Jeff for this wonderful recipe. Have used it many times now. It's just great. I almost prefer them to the real ones.

Thanks again.

german potatoe salad balls
by: top chef

I cut back on the milk a bit (1/4 cup) and added vinegar + 2 Tbs brown sugar for a german potato salad taste, it"s Delicious!!!

Thanks for the recipe
by: Anonymous

Great recipe. Have used it now so many times when I am in a pinch.

Best recipe for potato dumplings ever!

Thanks a million.


Thank you!
by: Linsey

Thank you for a delicious recipe! So easy and just as good as potato dumplings made with home-cooked potatoes. Served them with a shoulder of lamb casserole yummy!

Hoppel Poppel
by: Anonymous

Is actually a recipe from the Boehmerwald. It is made with left over potato dumplings and other leftovers. Usually stirred together with eggs.
Don't know about the children's rhyme.
But the Boehmerwald is a long way from Berlin.

Wartime Rationing
by: Cor Blimey

Thanks for the recipe. I will use it.
I'll bet your mother didn't use those eggs during the war though! My mother - with British rationing - could hardly get dried eggs.

Gluten-free Potato Dumplings
by: Anonymous

Easy, just make the recipe as usual and be generous with the potato flour and add a little of your favourite gluten-free flour as well! Rice flour works just fine, just let it sit for about ten minutes before testing for consistency.

What about gluten-free dumplings?
by: Krautmeister B

Has anybody ever tried substituting potato flour or quinoa for the all-purpose flour? Those of us who are German and gluten-intolerant need some help in making dumplings.

Hoppel Poppel
by: Jeff

You wrote a while back on my Instant Mashed Potato Dumpling recipe that you were curious as to the name meaning of "Hoppel Poppel". At first, I thought it might have been Berliner dialect but it turns out that this is the story . . .

The name Hoppel Poppel doesn't actually mean anything but is taken from an old children's poem called Pottkieker (literally "The person who peeked into the pot") which goes:

"Mummy, Mummy, what's in the pot?",
to which the mother rather impolitely replies
"Hoppel, Poppel, Appelreis,
mach' dich fort, Naseweis.

("hoppel, poppel, apple rice,
now get lost, nosy child")

Check the Noodles/Dumpling link
by: Gerhild

Hi Jeff,

If you check out the "Noodles/Dumplings" link on the Navigation Bar on the left, you'll find the link to the recipe, as well as on the "All Recipes" directory page.

Please send in any more recipes that you have, especially from Berlin - my Mom came from there as well and the traditional recipe I have from there is "Hoppel Poppel". I'd love to know what that name means!

by: Jeff McCade

Thank you for posting. Question though... I do not find it in the directory

Jeff - it'll be there soon. Having a bit of a problem with updating that page. Thanks for the recipe. It's one I'm going to try real soon.

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