Easy Air Fryer Recipes ~ Luftfritteuse Rezepte

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Are you looking for Easy German air fryer recipes? You've come to the right place! Down below, you can find quick 'twists' on traditional classic dishes that you perhaps enjoyed growing up with your Mutti and Oma. 

While not all of the recipes are authentically German, they are still delicious, and there are many ways to make them German. The best part about these recipes are that they're perfect for one or two people!

The amazing crescent rolls, Luftfritteuse Hörnchen! My very first recipe made in the air fryer.

The picture you see above was my very first recipe made in the air fryer. The amazing crescent rolls, Luftfritteuse HörnchenOma and I used the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven to bake this recipe and they came out sooo good! 

It can be tricky to find a simple snack for one person. Everything comes in bulk or makes way too big of servings nowadays. These recipes are the best portions. Whether you yourself are craving something yummy, or if it's just you and hubby, these portions are the perfect amount!

This page is still in progress, as I am still making these air fryer recipes. But I am baking, cooking, and researching away to give you the best hints and tips along the way to help you on your kitchen adventure!

Stick around ... you may find a new favorite! (Jump right to the Air Fryer Recipes.) But first, let's learn a bit about our air fryers.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

AN excellent question. I'm sure you've heard all about these popular little machines by now, as it seems they've hit their prime time! But how do they work?

Well, believe it or not, the air fryer is basically just a mini version of your big oven! Both have a fan inside to circulate the hot air around your food, but air fryers circulate quicker, which is what makes them so much more convenient.

It's a wonderful mini oven! You will be amazed! In minutes you receive crispy food with immaculate flavors, textures, and without the additional fats and grease. Air fryers use little amounts of oil compared to deep fryers, which make them a very healthy alternative! 

Air fryers often come with rotisserie baskets, where you can fry a small chicken, french fries, almost anything! Using the basket is a great way to get lovely crisp skin on your food. This happens because the air can circulate all the way around as it rotates in the basket, leaving perfectly cooked food for you to enjoy.

They also include sets of trays, much like an actual oven, and you can shuffle them around as needed too. This way, many traditional German dishes can be made in here! Authentic Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, you name it, the air fryer can make it!

Which AirFryer is best? 

It's important to research a product before you buy it. Reading reviews can help too, SO, I'll give you the best review out there!

The air fryers that Oma and I have/are using are the T-Fal Actifry, the Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven, and the Kaloric Digital MAXX Air Fryer Oven.

... However, these recipes should work just fine in other models as well, although you may need to adjust the temperatures and times, so be sure to check before you start. :)

The T-Fal Actifry was Oma's first air fryer. I remember years ago watching her use it and I thought it was funny looking. But boy, did it ever work great! The T-Fal Actifry is a circular shape unlike the others we've used, which quite literally look like little ovens with a square shape, a door on the front, and all.

The Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven is the one that I like to use and have used for lots of these recipes. It's a handy machine to add to your kitchen collection. If you're looking for convenience, quality, and speed, this is the handy-dandy tool for you!

Its small size makes storing so easy and it's such a time saver!

Is it safe??

If there's one thing I noticed about using this air fryer, it's that it doesn't produce a whole lot of heat. There is some heat coming out of the back of the oven, but not a concerning amount at all. But remember, ALWAYS use the manufacturer's recommendation about the location and use of the air fryer!

You can make almost anything in this oven, and you'll be amazed by how simple it is to use and how much time you'll save with it as well. So ...

Is it worth it??


Now, let's take a look at some easy air fryer recipes! 

Air Fryer Meats

Here are some tender meat recipes that can be made quick and easy in your air fryer. Let's see if there are any German recipes here that you recognize.

Air Fryer Veggies

Veggies in the air fryer are absolutely delicious and done in record time! Let's check them out ...

Air Fryer Desserts

These Air fryer desserts are sure to become the new family favorites! From traditional German streusel cakes to crescents, let's take a look at some delightful desserts!

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