Nana's Potato Soup with Dumplings

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Nana's Potato Soup with Dumplings, aka Kartoffelsuppe mit Klösschen, was sent in by one of our readers, Nana from Witchita, KS, USA. Do read the notes added by Nana at the end of the recipe. She's even included dairy and gluten-free options!

She's trying to locate the origin of this soup. Perhaps you recognize it?

If you have an original or traditional German recipes, do send it in as well. We'd love to share it with our fellow readers!

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Additional comments from Nana:

Noodle-type Dumplings 

Yes this potato soup with dumplings recipe sounds nearly like German noodle type; I added this recipe as nobody had heard about this noodle-dumpling at all in many big German, Polish and other European country luncheons I went to. 

For sure, not with the milk/potato soup that I was raised on. Mom never gave it a name either. Many people told me to share this recipe everywhere I went. Perhaps someone will recognize an area in Europe it could be from. Maybe German-Bavaria area? 

Plus, I just made the dumpling-noodles with a homemade chicken vegetable soup adding brown rice flour for the dumplings as we now are gluten free (wheat, rye, barley,etc we avoid). Added the egg to center, and water to mix slowly then dribble in the soup. The soup and noodle-dumplings turned out about the same as with the white wheat flour kind.

Plus, I also have used yams and sweet potatoes, for dumplings which turned out very nice and moist instead of using white potatoes; these were using a recipe from this website for cooked potato dumplings, with my twist to it. These dumplings were great and similar to gnocchi type dumplings.

Then I tried the recipe that had rolled the potatoes dumplings and fried them in butter. This dumpling was really, really good.

Good compliment main meat to serve along with the dumplings, would be oven-baked lamb. Daughter gave me a recipe, putting in Cafe liquor and package of onion soup mix and leg of lamb course; putting oven at low temp about 275 F degrees, then, baked for 1 to 2 hours in covered casserole dish. It came out so tender fell right off bone, very quick and easy to do.

Dairy or/& Gluten free ideas

  • Just put together, and used goat's milk for the milk part (if you are on a dairy/ casein free diet & don't use cow's milk).
  • You can also put into the dumplings to flour mix a pinch of salt if you like the dumplings saltier.
  • For gluten or wheat free, try brown rice four that should work OK.

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Nana's Potato Soup Dumplings/Noodles

Nana's Potato Soup with Dumplings, aka Kartoffelsuppe mit Klösschen, was sent in by one of our readers, Nana from Witchita, KS, USA.

Soup base

  • Boil several potatoes cut in pieces in salted water in a pot till tender.
  • add about 1 cup milk to the water and potatoes.
  • add about 1 teaspoon butter or margarine (keeps the milk from scumming up.)

Noodle base

  • In a cup or small bowl put in about 1 cup flour, make a well in the center of flour add egg (not beaten)
  • Go to sink and add slowly about 1 tablespoon of tap water to egg portion, while stirring with a fork & "gathering" only bits of the flour to make doughy while stirring; then, add another 1 tablespoon of water from faucet middle & stir again to mix to doughy state; then, keep adding 1 tbsp water at a time till all the flour is incorporated into the mixture. 
  • The dough mixture should be a sticky & slightly runny so it  dribbles off fork side. Note: do add water very, very slowly to finally incorporate all flour takes a few minutes. If adding the water to fast you will have a gob and it does not come out right. 
  • Now add the dumpling/noodle mixture to the very slightly boiling potato & milk soup. Keep adding noodle dough till gone, stir only once to make sure noodles are not sticking to the bottom of the pan. 
  • Cooking at a simmer for about 3 to 5 minutes depending on amounts of water/milk and ingredients used. 

Optional choices...

of other ingredients are chopped carrots, onions, celery to potatoes that you cook together. Add more if want salt & pepper to taste, or before eating you also can add celery salt which is great also if you enjoy it; but, go sparingly with it

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