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Looking for an Asparagus Recipe?

Purple, green, and white asparagus in GermanyGreen and Purple Asparagus is available in Germany as well. But, the most popular and the most traditional is the White Asparagus.

An asparagus recipe, made just like Oma? Here are several to try, some traditionally German, others more modern, but ALL Oma-approved. All WUNDERBAR!

Before I list the various recipes, though, let me show you just what asparagus season, aka Spargelsaison, is like. It's a time a celebration in Germany. In fact, in most restaurants you'll find special menu inserts that feature Spargel, and only Spargel ... in soups, salads, sides, main dishes ... everything Spargel. There are road side stands. There are farm stores. Spargel is everywhere. But, only during the spring. Fresh from the farm. 

Asparagus fields around Walsrode, Germany.In the spring, as you travel through Germany, you'll see fields of covered asparagus rows. This photo is taken near Walsrode in Lower Saxony, Germany.
White asparagus is sold, usually peeled, and sorted.In the farm stores, white asparagus is sold, usually peeled, and sorted: just the tips, just the stalks, thick, thin. You choose what's best for your recipe.
White asparagus is often displayed as the luxury item it is.Peeled white asparagus is often displayed as the luxury item it is. Here, it's shown, nestled on ice along with some local bottled brew, with some pre-made Hollandaise sauce available as well.
The easy way to peel white asparagus!The easy way to peel white asparagus! This machine is at one of the farms we visited just outside of Walsrode, Germany.

The last time I was over in Germany, visiting my cousin, we went to various farms to purchase the white asparagus. Mostly, one could buy them already peeled. So easy! The machine above, and in the video below, are from there. 

However, I do recall going through a shopping plaza in Hamburg, and in the grocery area, there was a shop where someone was sitting and peeling the asparagus by hand in order to sell them 'peeled' as well.

Take a look at this asparagus peeling machine in action:

Differences between Green, Purple, and White Asparagus

Green Asparagus is the most common available in the States and Canada. It has the strongest 'asparagus' flavor, sort of 'grassy'. To cook this, only the lower fibrous end needs to be 'snapped' or cut off. 

Purple Asparagus has a bit of a fruity, nutty flavor, is sweeter and is less stringy than the green type. This one tastes wonderful raw. If it is cooked, it will eventually turn green. 

White Asparagus has been grown without light (as shown in the photo above) by hilling it and covering it. This keeps the chlorophyll from developing and keeps the stalks creamy white. It is more labor-intensive to grow and quite expensive in the State and Canada. It is most widely cultivated in Germany. To cook this, the whole stalk needs to be peeled from right under the head to the end, and then about 1" of the bottom end also cut off.

Yes, you can actually buy the Hollandaise sauce already made.Yes, you can actually buy the Hollandaise sauce already made. However, it's so easy to make your own. Check out the recipe shown below.

Oma says,

Did you know that asparagus contains asparagusic acid. When one eats asparagus, this chemical is broken down into a group of related sulfur-containing compounds.

It appears that some people produce the smell, some people can smell the smell, some can produce it and not smell it, and some can smell it and not produce it, and some can smell it and produce it. 

Just thought you'd like to know! :)

Check out these Asparagus Recipes ...

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Purple, green, and white asparagus in Germany

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