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German Apfelschorle

Apfelschorle, made with apple juice and carbonated water, is one of the most popular fruit juice recipes in Germany. Since the juice is diluted with carbonated (sparkling) water, it is less sweet and therefore more refreshing than pure apple juice. Not only is it more refreshing, but also lower in calories than pure apple juice.

Easy to make at home, it is commercially available throughout Germany. When purchased in bottles, it often contains about 40% - 60% pure juice depending on the brand.



  • apple juice or apple cider
  • carbonated or sparkling water or club soda (low sodium)


  • Simple mix equal parts apple juice or cider and carbonated water in a tall glass.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


  • Most people prefer the juice and carbonated water to be cold, so that the resulting drink is cold.
  • You can also serve this at room temperature.
  • Use other fruits instead of apple to make "Schorles" as other fruit juice recipes.

At home, you can alter the amount of carbonated water to suit your taste. Since different types of water with different amounts of carbonation are available in Germany, the resulting drink can be modified to your own personal taste.

However, when I'm back in Canada, it is difficult to find the right water. Few, if any, are labelled with the amount of "gas." In Germany, there's usually a choice of "little", "medium", or "lots" of carbonation. You'll need to try several different brands until you find the one that's right for you.

Personally, I really like apfelschorle with a "medium gas". It's so refreshing! I buy mineral water with a low sodium content or a sparkling carbonated water containing no salt. Again, this "salt" content is not an issue in Germany.

Don't like the fizzy taste? Then use "still" water (water with no "gas" or carbonation), in other words, either bottled or tap water! The result is diluted apple juice - not really exciting, but some people prefer this since it's not as sweet as full-strength juice.

Here, in Canada or the States, this would be known as a non-alcoholic spritzer. 

Other possibilities are mixing the carbonated water with other juices. Try different combinations and different strengthen of carbonation to create your own fruit juice recipes or "spritzer recipes".

These are especially great when having parties where there are children. Healthier than pop and sugary punches, these fruit drinks are a simple way for a "fizzy" drink.

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