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Oma's Traditional German Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in Germany with my Mutti, Oma and my aunts with an advent wreath and coffee and cake

Below are German Christmas recipes and other holiday recipes to make celebrating "Christmas in Germany" a possibility, no matter where you are in the world.

Just like Oma's Christmas Baking eCookbook

Celebrating Christmas in Germany is such a feast for your senses. Every part of your being is affected - from the sights to behold, the scents to savor, and the tastes to enjoy. Your spirit is renewed in the reason for the season, and your body is enveloped by the pleasures that only Christmas can fulfill.

Walking through a German village decorated for Weihnachten (Christmas) is amazing. The houses look like traditional gingerbread houses.

The Christmas Markets are well-stocked with all kinds of German Christmas foods as well as wood carvings and decorations for the Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas tree).


It's also time to either make or buy an Advent wreath, aka  Adventskranz. This is made of evergreen twigs and decorated with pine cones, little red mushrooms, and ribbons.

There are four candles: the first one is lit on the last Sunday in November, and then another candle on each successive Sunday before Christmas.

In the photo above, my Mutti (second on the left) and her Mutti and sisters are sitting around an Adventskranz, the centerpiece for their Christmas coffee. (Wish I knew what delicious German Christmas recipes are displayed on the table.) The purpose for Advent? To prepare for the coming of Jesus.


The Advent calendar is a real treat for kids. With 24 numbers on little doors that get opened according to the date, it’s an easy way for children to count down the days until Christmas Eve. Behind each little door is usually a picture of a toy. The newer Advent calendars are much more enjoyable - chocolates are behind each door!

St. Nicholas Day

Another way of celebrating Christmas in Germany happens on December 6th. The night before, children put their shoes (the largest they can find) at their bedside.

The next morning, thanks to Saint Nicholas (St. Nick), the shoes are filled with all kinds of delicious treats, usually edible, but sometimes little toys as well. (Is this where the idea of the American Christmas stocking comes from?)

My friend, Renate, has a delightful article, "Childhood Memories Of German Christmas Customs" in which she talks about this "Santa Claus Day".

Weihnachtsabend (December 24)

The last preparation for Christmas is the Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas tree). Put up the morning of the 24th, it's decorated with nuts, cookies, apples, tinsel, and real candles. The room with the tree was kept out of sight from the children.

advent wreathHere's Richard, our youngest, opening up one of his presents ... many, many years ago!

After the Christmas Eve Church service, the candles (lights) are lit.

A bell is rung.

The children are finally  allowed to enter into the room to behold the tree

 . . . and the presents hidden underneath!

(Richard, shown here, is all grown up now and even has his own page on this website!) 

The room is filled with all kinds of fragrances.

Plates of Christmas cookies, marzipan, chocolates, and Christmas stollen are accompanied with bowls of fruits.

Gingerbread House

German Gingerbread HouseOne of my first gingerbread houses I made for our boys. So much fun to make ... more fun to eat!

There's always a Gingerbread House to nibble on, a traditional treat was reminiscent of the Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale.

Ours came in many shapes and themes.

Unlike the modern gingerbread houses, mine were always solid cake. Not just a shell held together with icing.

I've made forts. I've made winter scenes. I've made zoos. I wish I had made photos of them. Now, they are just memories!

What I do recall is that there were fun to make and fun to eat!

In fact, there are so many memories of the flavors of Christmas, whenever I start to bake, I'm transported back into the kitchen with Mutti! What fun we had making all the Christmas goodies. 

Celebrate Christmas ... German-style

Re-live or create your own memories with the following traditional German Christmas recipes you'll find in my ebooks. (They can be used as holiday recipes for other times of the year as well.)

Just like Oma's ~ Christmas Baking (eBook)

I've chosen my favorite dozen to include in my Just like Oma's ~ Christmas Baking collection.

Many are my own, others my Mutti's recipes, and additional ones for friends.

Some recipes are favorites on this site. Other ones are new and only in this book.

The hustle and bustle of the season relies on quick taste-tested recipes.

I've also included some of my tips to make your holiday baking easier.

Here's what you'll bake .... with my help ...

  • Bombe
  • Königskuchen
  • Poppy Seed Roll
  • Quarkstollen
  • Dominosteine
  • Lebkuchen
  • Vanillekipferl
  • Zimtschnecken
  • Zuckerplätzchen
  • Black Forest Dessert
  • Kokosflocken
  • Sandgebäck
  • Learn to make Lebkuchen Spice Mix and Vanillezucker for ALL your Christmas baking!
  • You'll also get my baking tips sprinkled throughout the ebook!

Order this eBOOK today. Celebrate Christmas with real German Christmas treats!

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Top 10 German Recipes (eBook)

Top 10 German Recipes

Top 10 German Recipes is a collection of the top 10 searched for recipes on Quick German Recipes.

The collection includes

  • three meat recipes,
  • one veggie, 
  • one starch side dish, and
  • five desserts! 

What does this say about German cuisine? We certainly love our meats, but we really LOVE our desserts!

Order this eBOOK today and revive the memories of Oma's or Mutti's kitchen with these Top 10. Then, pull out your pots and pans and start cooking your very own Top 10 German recipes!

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Enjoy the above German Christmas Baking recipes for your dessert table after you've made some of the Top 10 recipes for your holiday feast as you are celebrating Christmas in Germany where ever you are in the world.

Frohe Weihnachten!

Share your German Christmas Memories

Do you have memories of celebrating Christmas in Germany? Or perhaps you or your parents brought their German traditions with them, and you celebrated a German Christmas in other parts of the world. Share your memories including the FOOD!

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