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Klob / prononced like cloths

by Vicky
(Amalga, Ut, USA.)

2 loaves of bread torn, eggs, milk, salt & pepper, nutmeg, allspice, milk, mix till moisten, put in cloth and boil for ? and turn over and boil for ? It looks like a brain, its round like a cheese wheel. what is it called in other areas? I'm from Coburg and what is the cooking time or other similar recipes for this.

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Aug 05, 2019
Serviettenklöße sowie mehlklöße
by: Ursula Swartz

Serviettenklöße, den teig in ein sauberes tischtuch und im heißen wasser ziehen laßen
Der teig wird mit nem holzlöffel im wassergehalten0.20-30 min ziehen laßen
Make sure the whole dough is under water.

Aug 31, 2014
Quick German Recipe Facebook Fans' Help
by: Gerhild

Vicky needs some help too! She's asking for something she calls "Klob (sounds like cloths)"
"2 loaves of bread torn, eggs, milk, salt & pepper, nutmeg, allspice, milk, mix till moisten, put in cloth and boil for ? and turn over and boil for ? It looks like a brain, its round like a cheese wheel. what is it called in other areas? I'm from Coburg and what is the cooking time or other similar recipes for this."

To me it sounds like a kind of bread dumpling (Kloß) ... but not sure. What do you think? Have a recipe?

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Holly Blessen Pronounced "Kloss" - but isn't that made with potatoes? I've made her recipe, but with condensed milk and not boiled but baked. I use a can of milk and two eggs for every loaf, no pepper, but cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. I bake by smell- when I start to smell it. I would bake it in a pan, poaching it would pull out the flavor, no?
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Quick German Recipes I love your statement 'I bake by smell' ... love that
Like · 1 · Yesterday at 10:38am

Holly Blessen I meant to finish that statement! LOL! I meant to say that when I start to smell it, it is almost done, I keep an eye on it and pull it when it looks golden. My oven is verrückte, I never know if it will hold a temperature consistently.
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Quick German Recipes
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Christine Heron Semmelknödel - in the Rhein-Main area!
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Sophie Wagner that`s right - but they are pretty difficult to prepare. Made of bread, eggs, Flavour and herbs an than put into a claen white "cloth" and hang this in a pot cooking water - not into the water just into the steam - close the pot and finish after appr. 20min.
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Angie Warwick I think you've got that right, Gerhild. The esszet at the end of the word is often mistaken for a B as it does not exist in the alphabet over here.
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Hannelore Boehmer That sounds a whole lot like a Servietten-Kloss and I think that came from Slisia (Schlesien).
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Christine Burrows yeh, sounds like dumpling, made with flour in our house. We had it in soups.
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Barbara Dodson Sounds a little like what my Mom and Grandma use to make ( usually only special occassions cuz of the labor involved ) we call it "Beulges" its made about the same except no milk and Shredded potatos instead of bread then u add leeks, speckwürfel/baconfat squares and salami chunks the size of boulion cubes ) and pitted prunes ( trust me it is super yum ) prep is in linen sacks the size of a good salami tie the top real good lay in saltwater for several hours . And the gravy is like country gravy w/bits of fatback :-)) NOTE: if ur saltrestricted ya might wanna refrain ;))
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Hildegard Mahaney My sister makes her Semmelklöße that way!! I found a Recipe on Chefkoch.de
Here is the link to that http://www.chefkoch.de/.../91159119634.../Semmelknoedel.html

Semmelknödel, ein sehr schönes Rezept aus der Kategorie Klöße. Bewertungen: 11. Durchschnitt: Ø 4,5.
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Sandra Wiley It's a bread dumpling. You can make them individually or one big one.
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Joachim Gabel Because I'm unable to make 'Semmelknödel', I use the same method: Soak bread in milk and egg, season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and chopped parsley, fold in a towel and cook in water for 20 minutes. And then that's called 'Serviettenknödel'. Works with potato daugh, too.
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Remy Sage Semmelknödel - I make these with torn old bread, milk, eggs, diced bacon & diced onion (slightly pre-fried), chopped parsley, salt & pepper. Press into firm tennis ball size and drop into boiling water; will float when done. Great with schnitzel, steak, roast chicken, etc. However, I can't recall mum or oma ever making these (they made leberknödel - teaspoon size and dropped into boiling chicken or tomato soup. As a kid I added a little sugar to the tomato soup, very yummy!
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Anita M Guajardo Preparation doesn't sound very appealing ... Lol
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Sigrid Turnbull Geb Rieger klingt wie ein Serviettenknödel
See Translation
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Gaby Peterson Klops.meat ball, like koenksberger kloepse
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Melanie North It sounds like mehlkloss to me
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Ellen Fenstermacher Definitely a type of dumpling. It sounds large... I picture it like the Bohemian type they served in Prague. You would get several slices of a dumpling from a huge one,and typically, with your meat, sauce or gravy, and sauerkraut or red cabbage.
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Doris Davis semmelkloss, my grand mother and mom made it, soooo good
See Translation
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Kerstin Treacy Serviettkloss
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Rebecca Sulin It sounds like servietten knoedel
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Holly Stickney Hurd Semmelknodel! I don't use cloth. We call them "bread balls!"
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Alexandra Lopez Kloss
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Petra Kaukorat Henry I make something like it I call it mehlkloes flour dumplings. I use flour salt milk egg and white bread looks like a little brain when cooked. Im from franken maybe it helps
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Pamela J. Carlson Guten appetit
See Translation
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Michael Hallmann It's a type of dumpling, rolled and poached in water.
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Marianne Link-Alexander I worked in the kitchen of a Bavarian restaurant, Semmelknödel is what they called them, but were prepared as individual Knödel, also had chopped parsley in them! They were served with sauerkraut AND Rippchen ( smoked pork chops) now I'm hungry!
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Connie Kornman Sounds like a kind of bread pudding.
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Sonja McNoname Servietten Kloß, böhmischer Klos ?
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Brigitte Dighello Ja das hoert sich nach serviettencloss an meine schwesternherz macht das immer
See Translation
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Monika Liedl Dr. Oetker has all the answers, only mine is not handy at the moment. Almost a bread stuffing with egg, cook in boiling water / broth till it floats if I remember correctly. Leftover ones were sliced, dropped Ina sautéed pan with onions and butter, cooked till nice and crisp. Almost like home fries.

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