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Kalter Hund

by Andreas Illert

Kalter Hund is a well known birthday cake in Germany.
I enjoyed having it for several years in a row on my birthday.

Kalter Hund
Recipe by : Andreas's mother Elke

1 cup Dark Chocolate, chopped
3 cups Milk Chocolate, chopped
3/4 cup Coconut Oil (it is solid and will melt during preparation)
1 cup Cream
1 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
1 package Butter Cookies, shortbread cookies, or graham crackers

1. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper (this is key to the dessert's removal later).

2. In a double boiler, add both chocolates and melt. Stir in coconut fat and heavy cream. Whisk gently until well-blended. Add the vanilla extract and whisk again.

3. Spoon enough of the chocolate mixture into the bottom of the loaf pan to cover the bottom. Gently lay the cookies in an even layer across the chocolate. Cover with chocolate, add another layer of cookies. Repeat the process until you have reached the near the top of the loaf pan. Fill in any gaps with the remaining chocolate.

4. Cover and set pan in refrigerator for at least six hours. Better if left overnight.

To serve, slice thin (you really won?t need any more than a thin slice, I swear). The cake is best served chilled because it will melt at room temperature. Enjoy!

(The better the chocolate you use . . . the better the cake will be!)

You can also adjust the chocolate measurements to include more dark chocolate than milk chocolate if you like . . . just make sure you have 4 cups of chopped chocolate for the recipe)

Comments for Kalter Hund

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I wish I could have some with my Oma
by: Kristina

My beloved Oma used to make this, and I remember the packages of Palmin coconut oil, the Liebniz Butterkeks in her cupboard... I never really cared for it. I think it was too "grown up" for my taste. But now, many years later, what I wouldn't do to have a small slice of Kalter Hund and a cup of coffee with her. I miss her plum cake, her chicken and rice soup. I'm so happy Oma Gerhild has these recipes here. One day I will try and see if they're what I remember. Right now it's too hard.

My Oma was everything to me, and she could literally do everything: knit, crochet, sew (she was a dressmaker by trade). She was a phenomenal cook, although she didn't 'enjoy' cooking, she liked to bake. Alzheimer's took her from me almost 11 years ago, and I still miss her terribly. She was 90 years old.

I'm in Canada (Ontario) and sad that the stores or products she used to buy are so scarce now. My 1/2 German heritage means so much to me, moreso now that I have my own children and want to share this with my own family.

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