by JoSele Swopes
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)



This is a special Christmas light watching wine. I make this every year for the holidays. The guys would drive and the ladies would have this while we were out looking at the Christmas Lights. This is fun for Holiday Parties. The house would be filled with spices. It has the most wonderful smell.....This brings back my shopping memmories when I was in Germany, while out shopping the kiosks on the street they would sell it, nothing like drinking Gluhwein while you were out shopping in the snow, or looking at lights while the gents drive....


  • 12 cloves, whole
  • 4 stk cinnamon stick
  • 1 c brown sugar, lightly packed
  • 3 slc lemon
  • 3 slc orange
  • 1 btl port wine
  • 1 btl burgundy wine
  • 2 btl water, warm
  • 3 slc gala apple


In large Dutch oven or a large coffee percolator.
Put all spices into tea ball, if you do no have a tea ball use a coffee filter place into liquid.

Pour into pan all wine, brown sugar, water, lemons and oranges, and apple slices. Heat till piping hot leave spices in wine. Stir and serve hot..........any left over wein pour into pitcher. You may reheat in micro wave or on stove cup at a time, left over is great in cake or cookies too. Enjoy.....

Comments for Glühwein

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by: Gerhild

JoSele, you bring back memories of my Mutti making something similar.

I remember the spicy fragrance, especially of the cloves.I also remember something else, and I just can't place it. I'm thinking it was part of her Gluehwein, but not sure. She had something like a large sugar cube that sat in a contraption on top of the pot. I think she'd pour something alcoholic on it and then light it????

As it burned, it would melt and drip into the wine below. Not quite sure, but something like that. It smelled delicious. I don't remember us children being allowed to drink it though.

I'll need to do some research to find out what this was.

Now, we thankfully have a German deli close by. There we can buy bottled Gluehwein. All I do is put it into a slow cooker and set it on high until it is hot. Then I turn it down and when company arrives, the house smells so nice. They can then help themselves to it as they wish, always nice and hot.

It is interesting how one small thing can bring back such pleasant memories. I think especially anything to do with Christmas does that.

by: Bonnie

This really brought back some memories. A friend and I went to Germany for the Christmas markets. I didn't want to give my mugs back so I came home with 6 of them. I think I'll make this for the holidays, served in my souvenirs. Thanks for sharing.

Gluehwein vs. Feuerzangenbowle
by: Andrea

The sugar cone on top of pot is not Gluehwein it is called Feuerzangenbowle. Google or youTube it.

But just as exciting to have. Great memories.

Gluehwein vs. Feuerzangenbowle
by: Andrea Albert

Oma Gerhild. Es muss Feuerzangenbowle sein wie Du es beschrieben hast, hat es einen Zuckerhut.


Thanks, Andrea!
~ Oma Gerhild <3

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