My (Solo Build It!) SBI! Review with REAL PROOF! Verifiable PROOF!

Oma Gerhild

by: Gerhild Fulson  /  Cookbook Author, Blogger, German Oma!

Hi! I'm Gerhild Fulson (Oma Gerhild to my readers. BTW Oma means grandmother in German) and I want to tell you the truth ('cause Omas only tell the truth!) about building an online business.

It is work. Real work. 

How to build an online business. Most blog platforms just help you build a blog, not a business.

The first step is deciding which website building company to go with.

This is probably the hardest decision to make.


Because everything you do after that, all the long, long hours spent working on your online business, will depend on the foundation you set.

That foundation is the company you choose to host and build your site with. They, literally, will make or break your business plan.

Here's what I use to make my business: SBI! aka Solo Build It! . . . and I've got hard data to prove it.

Why I started using SBI! 

Of course, I googled. I searched, "SBI! reviews" and "Is SBI! a scam?" etc., etc., etc. I did my homework. 

Yes, I found good reviews. Yes, I found bad reviews. Yes, I found scam reviews.

What sold me?

A real live review: from Wendy, my friend at work. She had been using SBI! to build her new online business and she showed my her actual monthly Adsense check ... (four figures ... this was back in 2009!). Is her business still online almost 10 years later? Yes, ... still successful ... and she's grown it tremendously ... and she's still with SBI! 

Click here to see her site. (I'll wait till you come back.)

Here's how I determine a website/business building company's success:

  • Are the online businesses built with them successful? 
  • Are these businesses still using the same platform? 
  • Are they in the top of the search results? 
  • Do they actually get real traffic? (Traffic = money. More traffic = more money.)

For my friend ... and for me ... the answer is YES!

And, it's not just the two of us! In fact, SBI! publishes links to the top 500 SBI! sites so you can check them out for yourself. You'll find us both there ... she's under the Entertainment group and I'm under the Food & Cooking group. Here's where you'll find that proof. 

Oma's Tip: Make sure you see real verifiable PROOF before you decide which company to go with!

Here's a quote taken from that SBI! proof page:

"It's Not About SiteBuilding,

It's Not About Hosting,

It's All About Building a Profitable Business"

... and that's the truth! Now-a-days, it's really easy to quickly build a website. There are so many companies out there (just google it and you'll be overwhelmed) that offer 'free' website building ... and that's all that really happens. You've got a lovely site. But, it's just one in the over 200 million sites. 

If you are just ONE of 200,000,000 sites ... tell me, how is anyone going to find you? How are you going to make money?

A website is just that. A website. SBI! is an online business builder. Totally different. And, a business is what makes money. But only if that business is built properly from the foundation up.

My own sites are PROOF that SBI! works.

I sound like I'm bragging. Well, I am. But not about me.

I'm bragging on what SBI! has done for me. It has taught me, trained me, helped me, guided me, and provided ALL the tools I needed to be successful.

This whole German recipe site is built around the keyword phrase, German recipes. You can check it out yourself.

Put the words "German recipes" into your search engine ... and prove for yourself where it ranks.

Usually, it's on page 1 or 2. I can't affect how Google treats my site, other than making sure I build it with all the right tools and teaching that I get from SBI! ... here's a photo of where it was on May 15, 2017 ... and, this was taken when I wasn't signed into Google (using Incognito mode) so that my own search results couldn't affect these results.

SBI! review screenshot showing google search results for my websiteThis screenshot is from May 15, 2017 ... and, this is taken when I'm not signed into Google (using Incognito mode) so that my own search results can't affect these results.

Notice there are over 3 million results for this keyword phrase and Googles ranks my site as #2.

It's not just this Google search that shows the potential of a properly built online business. Even Google Search for Images shows these impressive results (Mine are circled in red.) Again, I can't manipulate Google. (If I even attempted to, I'd be banned from Google for life!!!)

SBI! review screenshot showing google search fpr images results for my websiteAgain, this is taken in Incognito Mode ... and the red circled ones are my photos!!!!

Think this is a fluke?

No, it's not.

I've two online businesses. The second one is actually written in German. Yes, SBI! even works with languages other than English.

The keyword phrase this site is built on is, Gottes Wort, meaning God's Word. Put "Gottes Wort" into your search engine and prove for yourself where it ranks. (Hint: it's usually on page 1 as well)

SBI! review screenshot showing google search results for my German websiteThis is also from an Incognito Google search from May 15,2017. Thank you, SBI! for helping me build it so that it's ranking #1 on page 1.

SBI! helped me do Social right.

Above, the photos show how my sites get search traffic from Google. The other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, show the same type of results.

However, there's other traffic out there. Social, for example. 

Here, too, SBI! shines. 

With the trainings and help from SBI! Action Guide, Support and the awesome Forums, I've been able to build up my social presence, particularly on Facebook. This drives even more traffic to both sites.

Below are screenshots, also taken on May 15, 2017. 

Facebook results for Just like Oma website
Facebook results for Gottes Wort website

Did you come here looking for a REAL SBI! review?

Let me be that friend to you, just like Wendy was to me and give you that real live SBI! review. Above, you've seen my proof. It's actually proof that you can check out yourself. 

Want more proof?

SBI!, aka Solo Build It!, has just completed a comprehensive head-to-head study comparing itself to another widely publicized company. The results are very transparent. All the documentation is there so you can check out the study yourself. You'll see the same results.

That company hasn't put forth any REAL proof that sites built with it are successful. Duh. It has lots of sites. But, successful? No proof. 

Here's a quick peek at some of the data that's pulled from the study:

  • The study included every site from both products. On average, SBI! placed 3,300% (that's 33X) more sites into the top bracket of successful sites. The other product only "beat" SBI! in failure and that by a large margin.

 Take time to read the survey and check out the findings for yourself.

  • BTW, that other company has paid people to write reviews ... fake reviews! 
  • BTW, I'm not receiving any affiliate money ... meaning, I'm not being paid to write this!

Fake reviews are a real problem online. Consumer protection groups and government will most likely soon be stepping in to help curb the problem.

In the meantime, though, ...

I'm here, as an Oma ... and as I already said, Oma's only tell the truth. If you're looking for a company to use to build your online business, make sure you do your homework.     

I think ... no ... I know ... you'll end up choosing the best, if you decide to go with the same company that I've been with since 2009.

The best? In my opinion, there's only one that will help you build a successful online business. SBI!

Not yet convinced? Check this out!

Oma Gerhild, behind the scenesI love to work right here, feet up, looking out at our rural landscape, coffee and strawberries nearby, and with my laptop ... especially when I have some yummy German recipes to share. This is the way to run a solopreneur business!

If you have any questions, you can drop me a line. I'll get back to you asap. 

Also, check out my review for RankIQ. It's what I'm using in conjunction with SBI to get my posts to rank right at the top of Google!


Oma Gerhild

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