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Don't forget -- time's running out!
November 27, 2012



You have only ONE week left to enter the


WIN a Canon PowerShot A800 Camera!

The BEST entry WINS!
Quick Christmas Recipes Contest
Enter as many times as you like.
Hurry and do it today!

Even if you don't win, your recipe will be posted on Quick German Recipes for others to enjoy! Share the fun!

"Quick Fix Soups"

That's the name of my first book that's about to be released! I've been so busy in my kitchen cooking up so-o-o many soups. Soups of all types. The only common factor is that they are QUICK and GERMAN.

Here are some of the soups you'll find:

  • Leek Soup with Cheese
  • Beef Pasta Soup
  • Goulash Soup
and so-o-o many more.

My camera's been busy as well, capturing all stages of the cooking process.

Keep a watch out for my next newsletter. Not only will the WINNER of our contest be revealed, but news of the book will be announced!

See you soon!

Gerhild Fulson

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