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Porzkuchen?? Phonetic

Please help. I am looking for a recipe. Oma says it is a fried yeast dough rolled in sugar like a doughnut or funnel cake. Her mother made them for her

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Mascarpone-Cappuccino Torte

One of my family's favorites ! 1 Chocolate biscuit layer (make a biscuit with 3 eggs separated, 100g sugar, 35.2g flour, 35.2g unsweetened cocoa, 75g

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Raffaelo Torte

One of my family's favorites! 1 biscuit layer made with: 6 eggs 2 Tbsp warm water 200g sugar 75g flour 75g corn starch lemon rind Beat egg yolk,

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Traditional German Salad Recipes Made Just like Oma

Easy German salad recipes and quick dips such as German potato salads, cucumber salads, spinach dip and so much more!

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Easy Fruit Flan Recipe made Just like Oma

This fruit flan recipe (Obsttorte) is so quick and easy ... takes just one hour from start to table ... and is so versatile ... and so pretty ... and so good! WUNDERBAR!

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German Blitz Torte Recipe made Just like Oma

This German Blitz Torte recipe is such a quick and easy cake to make - great for holidays and birthdays. Blitz means lightning and this cake IS lightning fast to make! Really!

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German Apple Cake Recipe made Just like Oma

This German Apple Cake recipe is quick and easy and looks great too. It's something you can quickly put together just before company comes, and then serve, still warm from the oven.

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Holly's Recipe for Rye Bread

Holly's recipe for Rye Bread is so easy to literally throw together. Just need a bit of time to wait for rising and baking and you'll soon be enjoying this fresh German-style bread!

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Wurstsalat ~ Meat Salad made Just like Oma

Wurstsalat ... a traditional meat salad from southern Germany. In the north, it's Fleischsalat. Both are wonderfully different and delicious!

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Recipe for German Potato Salad made Just like Oma

This recipe for German potato salad is an easy way to learn how to make potato salad. Served warm, it tastes great cold as well.

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