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Claudia's Chocolate Cream Torte | Quick German Recipes

Claudia's Chocolate Cream Torte is SO wunderbar. It's a traditional German cake and you'll love how easy it is to make.

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New York Cheesecake

My dad loves cheesecake, so I’m adamant to put in a recipe that pays homage to his sweet tooth. New York has a love affair with two types of cheesecake,

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German Apple Pancake Recipe | Quick German Recipes

A wunderbar German Apple Pancake recipe that's sure to please. Puffs up in your oven, filled with apples, and feeds a crowd. This is great both for breakfast or a buffet lunch.

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Oma's German Goulash Soup | Quick German Recipes

This goulash soup is one of my most traditional of all German soups. It's one I often make when I have company coming over and need something that's easy to prepare ahead.

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Soup: Liver Dumplings | Quick German Recipes

Liver dumplings added to broth make a wonderful authentic German soup. Delicious! Check out the 100's of other recipes here!

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Regional German Food | Quick German Recipes

Try regional German food for your next dinner party! It's a great way to share your culture. Check out the 100's of recipes you'll find here!

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Schleswig-Holstein | Quick German Recipes

Schleswig-Holstein is the most northern state of Germany and Denmark's culture and cuisine is heavily intermingled with it.

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Oma's German Cheese Spätzle | Quick German Recipes

Cheese Spätzle is a traditional German way of serving this favorite noodle. Use either homemade or store-bought Spätzle, the resulting dinner is delicious.

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New Years Eve Recipes | Quick German Recipes

Need New Years Eve recipes? Check out these German party ideas and recipes, as well as 100's of recipes to use throughout the year.

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Gebrannte Mandeln

Not often found in the US, Gebrannte Mandeln in German (literally translated burnt almonds) are most often purchased at open air markets such as Kirmes

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