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Homemade Pretzels | Quick German Recipes

Bakery style homemade pretzels from a German baker to you! These are the large pretzels that taste so good dunked into German mustard. You NEED to make these!

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Traditional Beef Rouladen Recipe | Quick German Recipes

This beef rouladen recipe, along with potato dumplings and red cabbage, are among our most cherished authentic German recipes. Easy? Yes, even my granddaughter makes them!

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Ingredients: 1 Duck 10 Broetchen or 1 bread loaf 2 cups of warm milk (not hot) 1 Tsp Salt 1/2 Tsp Black Pepper 1 Onion 1 Cup Parsley 3 Eggs 2 Tsp Butter

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Smellysdeli bread (Artisan Style no Kneading)

Ingredients: 5.5 cups flour 1 cup rye flour 1/4 cup garlic powder, handful of u/s sunflower seeds, handful of caraway seeds, 1 cup dry cranberries

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Easy Waffle Recipe for Breakfast or Dessert! | Quick German Recipes

Need an easy waffle recipe? Here's one that's healthy as well. With the added whole wheat flour, these have a nutty taste yet are light and airy. Anyone say 'whipped cream'?

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Rhubarb Dump Cake | Quick German Recipes

Rhubarb Dump Cake! Sounds absolutely interesting. Tastes absolutely wonderful. Try this with this season's first rhubarb and be surprised how easy it is.

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How to Cook Cauliflower | Quick German Recipes

This way how to cook cauliflower is one of the easiest ways to make one of the traditional German vegetables. Topped with buttered bread crumbs, it's a great addition to almost any meal.

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Simple Rice Pudding Recipe | Quick German Recipes

This simple rice pudding is so easy to make - just measure everything into a casserole dish and put in the oven.

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German Cheesecake Recipe | Quick German Recipes

Authentic German cheesecake recipe that's really easy to make. Includes a recipe for making quark ... at home! Tastes just like you've had in Germany.

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German Rye Bread Recipe | Quick German Recipes

Make this rye bread recipe in your bread machine if you have one. It's so quick and easy AND, surprise of surprises, it really does taste like German bread! Quick. Easy. And Delicious! Wunderbar!

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